Flame Spray is a weapon in Resident Evil Outbreak.


David can combine a Pesticide Spray, a Lighter, and a piece of vinyl tape to create a short-range homemade flame thrower capable of setting most enemies on fire. Unlike the pesticide spray itself, this weapon will inflict a decent damage of 150HP to foes, in addition to continuous fire damage while they are on aflame. As long the enemies are burning they will keep receiving 150HP until the flames cease. The flame spray will last 9 uses.

Further notes

  • AI David will automatically make the weapons if he has the right items in stock.
  • In Outbreak, if the spray runs out of fuel, it will become empty and useless. However, in Outbreak File 2, the spray will automatically be discarded and the lighter will be in the inventory.
  • If aimed at a group of zombies, the Flame Spray is capable of setting multiple zombies ablaze.
  • The Scissortails are incredibly weak to the Flame Spray when encountered in the Outbreak scenario (Hard and Very Hard difficulty only).




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