For the 2019 remake item, see Chemical Flamethrower.
"Chemical fuel flame-thrower made by Umbrella Inc. The fuel is fed from a small cartridge."
— Item examination - English
"化学燃料火炎放射器 アンブレラ社の開発によるもの 燃料は小型カートリッジを使用 "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Flamethrower (火炎放射器 kaenhoushaki?) is a weapon item that Leon Scott Kennedy can find in Resident Evil 2.


In a scientist's sleeping quarters, Leon can alternatively use this to burn the plant tentacles blocking the air vent, instead of using the lighter. Like the Spark Shot, ammo is counted as a percentage since it has no spare ammunition to be found elsewhere.

Leon's flamethrower proves particularly useful against Ivies, which infest the West Area of Lab Level B4.


It can be found on Level B4 of William Birkin's laboratory in Sleeping Quarters A inside a locker.


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