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"The strongest intelligence agent, who can keep it together when breaking apart. Made with just eggs and some of the finest milk and fresh cream for a silky-smooth finish. Her sweet scent on the air makes people crave her in a way that may not be healthy. It's said that even the dead will come back to life for her. Danger lurks behind that sweet face."
— Joke description of Flan, seen on the loading screen

Flan is one of the playable Tofus in The Tofu Survivor game mode present in the Resident Evil 2 remake.

How to unlockEdit

Flan is unlocked by completing The Tofu Survivor with either Konjac or Uiro-Mochi.


Flan's pre-determined loadout includes:


Flan has arguably the most powerful loadout of all the Tofu characters.  The Spark Shot is perhaps one of the most effective weapons in her arsenal. Having 200 ammo makes it effective for dealing with most enemies in the mode, and this weapon is able to kill most enemies with a fully charged shot, including the G monsters if their eyeballs are exposed. Additionally, the Spark Shot can finally be seen dealing with the Tyrant (something not possible in the main campaign) - and it's very effective. One shot to the body will stun the Tyrant for a brief period. Firing at his head allows the shot to be charged like normal, and a fully-charged shot will incapacitate him instantly.  The weapon's biggest detriment is the lengthy time it takes to kill its targets, which makes it difficult to use against multiple fast targets such as zombie dogs.  Against a lone zombie, however, a quick stunning zap might be more effective than a full charge to save time.

The Minigun can be used in situations that require quicker kills, such as when facing off against zombie dogs or multiple Lickers, and the two Flash Grenades can also be used to counter a few grabs where necessary. The Anti-Tank Rocket instantly kills most enemies in a large radius.  It only has 4 shots, however, and should be saved for situations where a number of instant kills would be the most effective.

One of Flan's biggest drawbacks, however, is her complete lack of healing items. Any damage she accrues is permanent, and poison will persist for the entire run.  Because of this, it is best to make liberal use of her powerful arsenal to avoid damage wherever possible, rather than attempting to run past enemies in certain areas who are likely to damage you.

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Further notesEdit

  • Finishing The Tofu Survivor with Flan grants the player the "An Exquisite Sweetness" record which unlocks her model in the model viewer.
  • Flan is the only female Tofu in the mode.


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