For the grenade in the RE1 remake, see Flash Grenade (RE1).

"A hand grenade that creates a large flash of light and a loud sound on detonation."
— Inventory description
— Inventory description - Japanese

The Flash Grenade is a sub-weapon in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


The Flash Grenade stuns any enemy caught within its blast radius, it can be used as a weapon or a defensive item when an enemy grabs the player, however, it will be less effective when counterattacking an enemy's attack.[1]

They can also very briefly stun the player character if they're looking in their direction upon detonation.

Up to three can be stacked in a single slot, making them a very efficient way to disable enemies and a valuable asset.

While it does not provide any real offensive capabilities on its own, its functionality alone makes it a worthy addition to any arsenal with no real enemy in the game being immune to its effect.


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