"Use it to blind offenders momentarily."
— Item examination

The Flash Grenades have a similar appearance as the Incendiary (red) and Hand (green) Grenades only having a different color (blue). The Flash Grenade lets out an intense light briefly, stunning Ganado who are within range of the light. Stunned enemies allows players to perform their melee action on them. The Flash Grenade instantly kills crows and exposed Plaga that has burst from any Ganado, Colmillos, Armadura. This grenade takes up two blocks of the attache case and it is recommended to plan on preserving space for it. They can be sold for 500₧.

Krauser and Wesker both start with three Flash Grenades in their inventory in the Mercenaries minigame.


Further notes

  • In Resident Evil 4, a flash grenade will not kill the exposed plaga from the back of El Gigante, or Salazar.
  • Garradors are immune to Flash Grenades and will charge the player upon usage.


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