Flashback is centered around an Abandoned Hospital in the Arklay Mountains.


When Alyssa Ashcroft takes refuge in an old cabin, Al enters the cabin and welcomes her. He guides Alyssa (or "Lures") her to the Abandoned Hospital, and suddenly disappears once Alyssa reaches the old rope bridge leading to the Hospital. Alyssa must destroy all of the mini plants to anger or "Activate" the main plant in the basement. After killing the boss plant, it spits out Al's dead wife that had died of cancer years ago. Alyssa has to escape the hospital from the backdoor before the hospital collapses due to the death of the boss plant.

The events in this scenario (when playing as Alyssa) are the only incidents of supernatural activity found in the Resident Evil series.


You start in a shack and you have to follow the old man through the forest, dodging some poisonous zombies if you play on hard mode. In addition, if you're not playing as Alyssa in hard mode or above, you will encounter her as a zombie. If playing below hard mode, she will just give you a First Aid Spray and her Stun Gun. Once you make it to the hospital, if you move a bit further, the Axe Man (the old man you were following) will come after you, and will follow you in this scenario. You can either just keep running from him throughout the hospital, or draw him away with heavy firepower, which will get you a special scene at the end. First thing you wanna do is get the chemical filled syringe, which is to the left of the entrance. Then down the stairs, there is a plant blocking the way, and beside it is the syringe. Take the syringe and use it on the plant to unblock the way and keep going. There is a room which gives you the key to another area, and here you wanna fill all the empty bottles and take them with you; also fill 2 syringes as well, which are needed to kill the other 2 plants. Once you do kill the plants, the boss will awake. Now next thing you wanna do is get to the room where the boss lies. Once you do get there, what you wanna do is just keep hitting it in the open red area, but be careful of the plants on the floor and ceiling, which if you get too close will grab you. I recommend you use the green chemical bottles and the yellow bottles on the boss, which do a lot of damage. But if you run out, just keep attacking it with any other weapons you have left. Once the boss is dead, the hospital will start falling apart. Remember that wheelchair blocking the way and the door that had the vines wrapped around it? Well now the wheelchair is gone, and so are the vines, so that is your ticket out of there. Obviously if you stay in the hospital too long you will die.


Character specific secrets

When playing as Alyssa Ashcroft, extra cut-scenes will be added. These occur when Alyssa enters a certain room. It shows things that happened there before the Outbreak.

  • Suspension Bridge - an injured man (possibly Kurt) warns Alyssa not to go to the hospital.
  • Outside Hospital - two Police officers discuss on if there were survivors.
  • Room 201 - Kurt being eaten by the zombified Dorothy Lester. He whispers, "Alyssa".
  • Administrators room - 2 people, one Al Lester, discuss.
  • If Alyssa collects all of her flashbacks and clues, her special ending will be played showing one more flashback.

Special ending

Once the masked maniac with the axe begins to attack Alyssa, she can either continue to run from him throughout the whole scenario or damage him enough to make him flee for good (when a scene is played with him backing away then running away) an extra scene is added to the ending after you escape the collapsing hospital. The scene shows Alyssa running out of the hospital, then Al holding his dead wife with happiness that he can finally see her one more time, when a huge rock from the ceiling falls on them, crushing them both ...

Side-Quest or Quick Ending

The player can choose to turn back once they reach the front of the hospital, and return to the cabin. Once there, wait outside the cabin for an extended period of time. Eventually the bridge leading to the hospital will give out, barring access. Once the scene is triggered, a non-infected woman named Regen appears inside the cabin. Upon ad-libbing to her, she explains that her daughter Lucy is lost somewhere in the woods. She gives up her Pendant, which she says will make Lucy more willing to trust you. After going through the woods, avoiding Scissor Tails along the way, a select path will lead to the shore of a river, where Lucy will be waiting for you. Upon ad-libbing to her and showing her the Pendant, she will go back to the cabin herself without escort. Upon returning you are rewarded with a Shotgun E (or possibly something else depending on the difficulty).

From here the player can take another suspension bridge to escape the woods, leaving the mystery of the hospital behind. Alternatively, the player can skip the Regen and Lucy quest altogether and simply leave once the bridge to the hospital gives out. Either way, many Botanic Zombies and Giant Wasps crowd the second bridge, making the trek across quite difficult. Choosing to leave without doing anything will result in a poor score for the scenario, naturally.



  • Other than Sherry Birkin from Resident Evil 2, Lucy is the only small child ever present during actual gameplay in a Resident Evil game.
  • This level is very similar to the Hive scenerio in the original Outbreak. They both are the third level, they both take place in a hospital, and both feature invincible enemies trying to kill you up to a certain point.
  • This is the 3rd Scenario in the outbreak series that the player needs to die in order to get points in the CHECKLIST.
  • Also this is the 3rd scenario that can be done by an alternate way without confronting the "final boss".
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