"A powerful military-issue flashlight."
— Inventory description

The Flashlight is an item found by Moira Burton, along with Claire Redfield's Knife, in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It is similar to the Genesis bio-scanner from Resident Evil: Revelations in that it can find hidden items.


During the main campaign, the Flashlight goes to only Moira and is found early in Claire's Episode 1: Penal Colony.

The Flashlight stays passively on emitting light in front of Moira. The light toggle button can be used to shut it off to prevent enemies from becoming alerted. When aimed, Moira will focus the light on the cross-hair position which also creates more intense light. Focusing the Flashlight will drain its own meter in the HUD and can no longer be held once it depletes. The meter recharges while not focusing it.

Shining the Flashlight while unfocused will make hidden items sparkle and temporarily reveal Kafka Drawings. Using the focus will fully reveal hidden items which makes them permanently sparkle and able to be picked up, and light up the Kafka Drawings which makes them "collected" and permanently revealed. The Flashlight focus can also be used to stun Afflicted and Ironheads by aiming at their eyes, damage mutated Neil Fisher to bring him to his vulnerable state, damage Sploders, and dissolve Cysts.

In the Extra Episode: The Struggle, Moira starts with the Flashlight and it functions more like a normal weapon. It will take up a weapon slot and can be equipped, unequipped, and swapped with other weapons.

The "Light is Might" Skill improves the Flashlight's ability to stun enemies when focusing on them.


Throughout the campaign, to conserve ammo the player can stun the Afflicted with Moira's flashlight, then switch to Claire to hit them with a physical attack, then switch back to Moira to do the follow-up. This strategy can also be used with Ironheads, but the player will need to be swifter when switching compared to the Afflicted because Ironheads get up much quicker.

The Flashlight can also be used on Sploders to damage them from a distance without wasting ammo, also causing damage to any surrounding enemies.

In the boss battle against Monster Neil, Moira can use the flashlight to burn Neil, though slower, but it can help the player save more fuel tanks as well as conserve exploding and firebomb bottles.

In the first two sections of the The Struggle, Moira can utilize the flashlight in order to conserve ammo by using it to stun the enemies, and then use melee attacks on them. Later, since the Uroboros creatures are unaffected by the flashlight, the player should swap it with the weapons found in the third section.


Further notes

The Flashlight is based on the real-life "Surefire 6P" model, and a "BIOHAZARD"-branded variation was published as Resident Evil merchandise.


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