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The Fleischesser Orchid was an experimental bio-weapon developed in the 21st century by Giesel Industries based upon Plant 43 bio-weapons produced by Umbrella. Fleischesser is German for "meat eater".

These B.O.W.s were encountered and fought by a team of B.S.A.A. agents led by Holiday Sugarman and Mina Gere in South America.[1]


Fleischesser Orchids were developed by infecting Paphiopedilum Kolopakingii with the t-Virus, mutating them into bipedal green plants with arm-like extensions and yellow beady eyes. They would ambush prey by hiding their forms beneath flowering orchid bushes, attacking anything that ventured near with their vines. Developed by Giesel Industries as a cheaper product to Umbrella's own Plant 43 line of B.O.W.s, they seemed to lack the spitting acid of their competitors but used stealth and speed to their advantage. They were also quite powerful, using their vines to impale, constrict and tear apart enemies. They were proven strong enough to tear a grown man in half.


When Giesel Industries was accused of developing B.O.W.s for sale on the black market, the U.N. authorized a search warrant requested by the B.S.A.A. During the investigation of Fritz Giesel's compound in Übelandia, Fritz's clone, Neuermann Giesel led the team of B.S.A.A. agents into the estate's greenhouse. As the team began to search the premises, some agents stopped to observe the numerous orchids inside the greenhouse. Before Holiday Sugarman could advise his team, the plants impaled an agent, swiftly bisecting him.

It was revealed that Neuermann actually led the group into an ambush, unleashing dozens of various B.O.W.s upon the agents to collect combat data on his newly developed weapons. The creatures were immediately put under machine gun fire as the team retreated to a storage room to bottleneck the threat. Barkin was tasked with assaulting the bio-weapons with her flamethrower before the Übersoldat was released. All Fleischesser Orchids were apparently killed off during the assault.

After the B.S.A.A. successfully destroyed the Giesel Bio-Weapons Complex and its B.O.W. research data, the experimental Fleischesser Orchids were successfully eradicated.



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