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Image:Ct93_lg.jpg|Zombiefied Forest, notice [[Chris]] at the back
Image:Ct93_lg.jpg|Zombiefied Forest, notice [[Chris]] at the back

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A member of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team, Forest Speyer was the team's marksman, a similar role of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team's Chris Redfield. The two were rivals and commonly turned target practice into competitions, with Chris generally the victor.[3]


On July 23rd, 1998, Bravo team was sent into the Arklay Mountains to investigate the disappearances and brutal murders of hikers.[4] Their helicopter experienced engine failure and crashed into the forest.[4] The RPD pilot, Kevin Dooley stayed behind to find the cause of the failure.[4]

Whilst Rebecca Chambers and Edward Dewey searched the Raccoon forest,[4][5] the rest of Bravo - Forest included - found an abandoned mansion.[6] The team split up to check the area and report back with their findings. Unbeknownst to them, Kevin[7] and Edward were already dead,[5] and Rebecca was unable to reach them for another day.[8]

While Enrico searched the caves (just returning from the Raccoon City Underground Research Facility), Kenneth J. Sullivan checked the west area,[9] and Rebecca Chambers and Richard Aiken searched the Residence,[10] Forest monitored the east side.[11]

Whilst checking the East Balcony, Forest was attacked and pecked to death by a number of Crows.[12] However, he regenerated as a zombie and attacked his fellow S.T.A.R.S. members before finally being put to rest.[13]

Other appearances

In Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, an enhanced Nintendo DS port, a "Zombiefied" Forest is a boss in the game's unlockable "Masters of Knifing" minigame.

An additional game mode, called "One Deadly Zombie," can be also be unlocked in the Gamecube remake, in which the zombified Forest, as the One Deadly Zombie, wearing a bandoleer of grenades, appears randomly in certain rooms. The ODZ will charge at the player - attacking him with any weapon, including the knife, will result in a massive explosion, killing Forest and the player instantly.


  • Forest is one of the playable characters in the multiplayer mode in the Nintendo DS remake of the original game, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence. When selected as the player's character, he says "Let's light this candle!", most likely in reference to him being the S.T.A.R.S. demolitions expert.[citation needed]
  • It can be understandably assumed that the undead Forest is a Hyper Zombie, because of his running ability.
  • Forest was not scripted to come back to life in the original 1996 game, but appeared this way in all other versions of the first game.
  • In Resident Evil Official Comic Magazine, he's shown as a sniper, as opposed to a demolitions expert.
  • In the original game, and all ports, it's hinted that he was injured within the Mansion and was finished off by the Crows when he fled to the east balcony for safety. However, there is no evidence of this in REmake, which is considered to be the 'true' canon.
  • In Biohazard Pachislot, a zombified Forest managed to speak sentences such as "Chris please help me" and "thank you".



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