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Four Eyes Personnel Profile is a file hidden as part of the Inserted Evil ARG campaign.



Real name: Christine Yamata
Age: 28
Nationality: Japanese American
Blood type: A-
Team role: Scientist


Four Eyes has been dedicated to science since she was a child – as a result she did not develop the
social skills needed to operate successfully in later life. She is detached from normal human
emotions, seeing people merely as breeding grounds for her singular love: virology.

This particular branch of science is the sole reason that she is part of the USS. Her motivation is that this is
the best place for her not only to study some of the deadliest outbreaks in the world, but to experiment with some of Umbrella's own cutting edge viral breakthroughs.

She has no compunction when it comes to gathering and experimenting on live human subjects and on
many missions she has been discovered experimenting on the wounded, and often on captives. This has
occasionally proven to be detrimental to the ongoing mission.

However, her practical knowledge of virology use in the field is unparalleled.

Specialist skills and equipment:

Biometric Vision
Four Eyes can instantly spot infected specimens and identify their weak points.

Antiviral Proficiency
Always seems to have an anti-viral spray with her, and can carry more than most.

Induced Infection
Can use a hypo gun to infect soldiers or turn zombies into crimson heads.

Attraction Pheromone
Gas-filled vials she uses to attract T-Virus-infected enemies.

Program Infected
Four Eyes can take control of an infected enemy for a short amount of time if she injects them with this hypo gun.