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The Four Houses, also known as the Four Lords of the Village, was a political alliance of noble families which controlled a mountainous region of Eastern Europe. Founded in ancient times from four distinct dynasties, it was taken over by Mother Miranda in the 20th century as a tyrannical theocratic regime. The alliance collapsed in 2021 when the heads of each house were killed.


The Four Houses' origins lie in ancient times with four rulers who founded and reigned over an underground city. At least in folklore, their names were Berengario, Cesare, Guglielmo and Nichola. Their descendants continued as the Beneviento, Dimitrescu, Heisenberg and Moreau families, respectively. This ancestry continued downwards into the 20th century, though their feudal domination appears to have waned over time with only the Dimitrescus being regarded as noblemen and the others as local gentry.

Under Miranda

In the aftermath of the 1918-1919 Spanish flu pandemic, the village was taken over by Miranda, a peasant woman who claimed to be a prophet of the Black God. Using a mutagenic and psychoactive fungus known as the Mold, the inhabitants of the village turned to worshipping her and seeing her as a deity. As with many others, the children of the Four Houses were lured away by Miranda and experimented on with the goal of creating a superhuman host for a preserved duplicate consciousness of her daughter, Eva. Out of numerous failed experiments over decades which thinned their numbers, Alcina Dimitrescu, Karl Heisenberg, Salvatore Moreau and Donna Beneviento survived and developed unique and aggressive mutations. Nonetheless, they were considered unsuitable as candidates, but were kept alive to serve their function as the Four Lords.

From the 1950s to 2021, the Four Lords each maintained a tyrannical rule over the village which, under Miranda's control, was unable and unwilling to leave for help. Despite this, the Four Houses were still revered and worshipped alongside Miranda, albeit sometimes reluctantly.

Castle Dimitrescu became notorious as a place of "blood and death" due to its Lord's need for fresh human blood to maintain her health, with the dead returned to life by the Mold as the vampiric Moroi. The fishing village to the north was claimed by Moreau, who dammed the river and flooded it to allow his piscean body to thrive while consuming wayward fishermen. Following a series of family tragedies, Beneviento isolated herself in and around the family home overlooking a waterfall, having implanted a Cadou parasite within her doll Angie for company. Not gaining superhuman resilience, she instead secreted a Mold-contaminated fluid which mutated local flowers to develop intense hallucinogenic properties to lure those who strayed too close. Finally, Heisenberg made his home deep underground beneath a junkyard for derelict Second World War vehicles. Within the caverns he mass-produced an army of Moroi who could serve his wishes as both soldiers and mine workers. What threat he posed to the villagers is not known, as he preferred to experiment on corpses stolen from cemeteries rather than on living people.

The Four Houses also notably had an obvious animosity towards each other. Dimitrescu desired to be Miranda's favorite, and derided the fact that she was considered a sibling to the other lords, calling the other lords "miscreants." Beneviento never explicitly stated her misgivings, but dialogue spoken by Angie indicates a similar resentment to the other lords. Moreau desired love and attention from Miranda, hence he was obedient in following her instructions, and did not have a good relationship with his "siblings" as the other lords looked down at him. Having hated his forced mutation under Miranda, Heisenberg vented out his anger by constantly arguing with the other lords and secretly plotting a rebellion against Miranda with his Moroi army. Unbeknownst to the lords, Miranda merely used the four lords as a means to further her plan to revive her daughter Eva.


In February 2021, Miranda obtained reliable information of a superhuman having been born recently in the area to an American family. Assuming success to be inevitable, the Four Lords began systematically murdering the remaining villagers to give food for their Black God, which required sustenance to achieve Miranda's goals. In the early hours of 9 February, Miranda returned with the child, Rosemary Winters, and the four met at the Cave Church to the south-west of the village, where they preceded to mutilate her as part of a ritual, though her regenerative abilities kept her alive in flasks. It was their plan to keep her safe until time for the ceremony, save Heisenberg who suspected he would be killed once the ceremony was complete and planned to incite a rebellion against Miranda.

Over the course of the day, the village was infiltrated by multiple parties, including Rosemary's mutant father, Ethan Winters; a BSAA scout team preparing for a major operation to counter the biohazard, and the rogue "Hound Wolf" unit under Cpt. Chris Redfield. The Lords slowly became aware of one or all of these threats and retreated to their respective domains. Dimitrescu and her daughters were the first family to fall under Winters's hands, with her flask retrieved by Winters. With their ultimate plan disclosed to Winters by the village merchant The Duke, Winters began pursuing the other three flasks. Beneviento was killed next by Winters, while Moreau drew himself into a fight after attempting to recover his flask from Winters. The final lord, Heisenberg, made efforts to form an alliance with Winters and use his army of Soldat Moroi against Miranda, though this was unsuccessful. In the night, the Hound Wolves were successful in raiding his underground factory and destroyed his army, with Heisenberg himself killed by Winters manning one of his own repaired military vehicles. With Heisenberg killed, the lines of the Four Houses were rendered extinct.