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Frank Wright is a bioterrorist who posed as a security guard at the Carnagie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he became involved in a bioterror incident.[1]


Wright had been involved in a similar bombing in another city prior to the Pittsburgh Incident and in both cases had used the identity of the deceased Mack Storm to avoid suspicion. A retired CMoA employee, Philip Zelenetsky, had recommended Mack, who had moved from St. Louis to take up work at the museum, leading to Wright's hiring.

Pittsburgh Bioterror Incident[]

At some point in 2006, Wright was scheduled to work the nightshift prior to the museum's grand opening of its Greco-Roman antiquities exhibit and was kindly assisted by Jamal Hawkins as to the functions of the museum and it's updated state-of-the-art security system. When José Santiago noticed an abnormality with one of the air vents the monitors, museum employee Monica Posey was to investigate, finding an explosive device located in the ventilation shaft which prematurely detonated, killing her.

After the bombing, Wright was interviewed however managed to avoid any immediate suspicion.

The next day, the museum director Abigail Schwartz met with Pittsburgh detective Joseph Pascazzi, and USSTRATCOM agent Leon Kennedy, operating as a representative on behalf of the FBI. Agent Kennedy informs the trio that the explosive used in the attack was noticeably similar to a remote device used in a previous case. Hawkins points out that the security system did not catch the moment that the perpetrator planted the bomb, prompting Kennedy to conclude that the bomb was planted with the help of an inside mole.

An hour later, Kennedy checks the staff's personnel files in the break room only to find that "Mack Storm" was involved in the past bombing case. Wanting to further question him, Kennedy and Pascazzi visit Storm's residential home in McKees Rocks. Kennedy and Pascazzi visits Storm's home only to find that the house has not been occupied by anyone for extended period of time. The pair comes across a freezer containing the corpse of the real Mack Storm.

Upon hearing a noise from the front door, Kennedy and Pascazzi come across the gun-wielding "Mack" with Pascazzi shot in the shoulder and injured, Kennedy gives chase only to lose his track after "Mack" gets away in a van along with other accomplices. Kennedy informs Pascazzi of the getaway van's license plate and checks out of the upstairs' apartment and finds documents of the supposed tenant of that apartment named 'Frank Wright'.[2]

Sometime after his escape, Frank meets up with a man named Riley in a small town called Enlow and informs him of the misshaped occurred in the museum and blames Zelenetsky's out-of-date intel regarding the security systems for the mishandling. Riley reprimands Wright and reminds him of their "holy mission": the reduction of the Earth's "excess" population. Frank reassures him that the other bombs are prepared to go off, to which Riley refers to the impending attacks as their "debut party".