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""I've got things covered here. They could use more help downstairs."
"Nothing left to protect and serve."
— Fred and Kevin converse.

Fred was an officer of the Raccoon Police Department. He was killed during the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident.


Fred was one of the last surviving handful of officers barricaded within the Raccoon Police Station on September 27-28 attempting to hold the line against the encroaching hordes of zombies after the devastating loss of a number of patrol officers and SWAT team members on September 27, 1998.[1]

With Chief Irons' interference in defensive operations, Fred and his colleagues were unable to coordinate with their fellow officers, crippling their ability to defend the precinct. [notes 1] As a result, most officers and the civilians seeking shelter were killed or infected as wave after wave of infected assaulted the precinct. Eventually reuniting with the few remaining survivors, Fred worked with officers Marvin Branagh, Aaron, Rita, Kevin, Tony and several civilians in a last desperate attempt to escape the precinct before it was completely overrun.


After making plans for Rita to use a system of shafts to escape and search for help,[2] Fred was tasked with manning the precinct's rooftop, presumably in the off-chance that RPD patrol helicopter N21RA, involved in evacuation efforts, might return in time to assist. [notes 2] In the wait for Rita's return, Fred was eventually overwhelmed and killed by infected Crows.


Fred can be unlocked as a playable character in a four character set along with Andy, Tony, and Jean simply by completing the "desperate times" scenario on any difficulty with any character and purchasing the set with 5000 points. Being a George-type, he can create medicine capsules with herbs. Fred starts with a Blue/Green Herb mix and can mix them in the medical kit to make two Anti-Virus capsules right away.



  1. David Ford's team of survivors were isolated from Marvin's team due to the west-wing lockdown, while Chief Brian Irons hunted the second floor's east wing.
  2. An outside staircase leads to the rooftop.