Prime universe
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"Really, I simply don't understand American humor."

Frederic Downing was a researcher for Umbrella until 1998. His weapon of choice was a Walther P5 Compact.


He was in Raccoon City when the outbreak occurred. Shortly before Raccoon City's destruction, Frederick stole t-Virus and G-Virus samples from the branch and fled. He can be considered the main antagonist of Resident Evil: Degeneration due to his behind the scenes involvement in the events of the movie.

Frederic at the WilPharma Facility

Knowing that a t-based weapon would be incomplete without a cure, he joined WilPharma to create a vaccine.

He had released the t-Virus at one of the planes heading for Harvardville Airport and blew up the trucks full of vaccine supplying the survivors and U.S. Marine Corps in order to disguise the incident as a terrorist act while blaming Senator Ron Davis for involvement.

He is also responsible for setting the time bomb that destroyed a WilPharma building, and trying to smuggle G-Virus data from the security cameras catching Curtis Miller, the t-Virus, its vaccine, and the G-Virus to profit from General Miguel Grandé.

However, in the end, he was caught before the dealer arrived by Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, and Angela Miller, who managed to intercept the deal in time.


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