From Whence Hell Came (地獄の根源 ?) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during Leon Chapter 2.


Leon and Helena finish unlocking all the locks keeping the secret passage closed. It opens and something is heard ascending the stairs. It turns out to be a strange B.O.W. covered in pores. A man shoots it, causing blue gas to hit him in the face. Both Leon and Helena are equally confused as to what it is, as it begins chasing survivors. A woman tends to the man coughing from inhaling the gas, only to be killed by him when he turns into a zombie. Leon accurately deduces this B.O.W. is one of the type that caused the infection of Tall Oaks. Both jump off the third floor and on to the second floor chandelier then to the ground.


Helena: "What is that thing?"
Leon: "You're asking me?"
Woman: "Are you OK!?"
Leon: "I'm guessing that's what unleashed this hell."

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