From the Beginning is a cutscene in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. It is played during the fifth chapter of "Memories of a Lost City".



HUNK: "This is HUNK."
"We've acquired all the G samples."
"Mission completed."

William: "G...! My creation will save me!"

Annette (narrating): "But the virus was flawed."
"Even if you survive the seroconversion with G..."
"You become nothing more than a puppet to it's will."
"Our research was a failure."
"His only concern now is to procreate."
"People with a genetic makeup similar to his own could stand to birth a superior offspring."

Annette: "Sherry."

Claire: "Come on. We have to help her."

Annette: "I can't. I've got unfinished business to attend to."

Claire: "You've got to be kidding me!"

Annette: "If the embryo's been implanted..."
"Only the vaccine from the underground lab could save her."
"It's time to finish this."

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