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"Why... Why did we create such terrible things!?"
— Frost's final note to anybody who might find it.

Frost was an Umbrella USA researcher who was assigned to the NEST complex in the outskirts of Raccoon City. He was killed when two Hunter specimens escaped captivity, running amok and slaughtering the facility's research and security personnel.[1]


Frost was the author of the Researcher's Will, (which is found in the same room as his body) and was responsible for lowering the temperature of the facility to below freezing in order to place the escaped hunters that were murdering the staff into a form of hybernation stasis. According to the file, Frost details that at least ten of his colleagues had already been killed by the escaped subjects and that, although he had escaped, he was severely wounded in the process by a Hunter R, commenting that "the bleeding from the wound just doesn't seem to stop".

After successfully lowering the temperature of the facility, Frost remains at the control panel where he ultimately dies of his injuries. A group of survivors from the Raccoon City Incident, one of which was a former researcher in the facility, Yoko Suzuki, later found his body at the console with his hand still frozen to the control lever. The survivors then used a blowtorch to unfreeze the console in order to restore the facility to a normal climate, releasing Frost's body to fall to the floor, and charring the right hand of his corpse in the process.

The Researcher's Will largely suggests that Frost had apprehensions towards Umbrella's experimentation with genetic weaponry, to say the least, stating that they had "no right to play God". He ends the note conceding that he was a fool to have ever become involved in Umbrella's research.


Frost has two unlockable versions, and they are in the same set. In File #2, the set is already unlocked and can be purchased for a cheaper price, and they can be made playable without purchasing with the Data Convert feature.

In File #1, he can be unlocked by completing Below Freezing Point on VERY HARD and buying him for 3000 collection points.

The following is a translated adaptation of information found in the BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK FILE 2 GRAND BIBLE.

Infection rate
1.21% per minute
1.34% per minute
Movement speed
Attack modifier
Starting condition
Starting items
Recovery Pill
Mixed Herbs (G+R)


The following is a transcription of information found in the BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK FILE 2 GRAND BIBLE.
名前 Frost Frost:B
モデル George George
精力 2600~3000 2000~2500
ウイルス侵攻 1.21% per minute 1.34% per minute
移動速度 0.57 0.81
攻撃力補正 X0.96 X1.00
初期所持アイテム Recovery Pill Mixed Herbs (G+R)

Further notes[]

  • Frost's name might be a pun to the scenario's theme due to it involving some rooms, mainly in the B4F, being frozen. It could also be a reference to his body being frozen to the temperature control console.
  • Interestingly, the injured version never starts in DANGER status, unlike most characters with injuries on their character models.
    • This is most likely because the injury was post mortem, since the survivors had to burn his hand to unfreeze the console he was frozen to, in order to turn on the same console to escape the underground laboratory.
  • Both versions of Frost are referred to as SCHOLAR1 and SCHOLAR2 respectively in File #1.



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