Frost was an Umbrella researcher who was assigned to the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory.


Frost was the author of the Researcher's Will, and was responsible for lowering the temperature of the facility to defeat the Hunters. According to said file, Frost was injured by a Hunter R. This would explain why he died on the temperature control console. Survivors later found his body frozen to the same console with his hand frozen to the control lever. The Survivors had to use a blow torch to unthaw the console, releasing Frost's body to fall to the floor  and burning the hand of his corpse in the process.


Frost has two unlockable versions, and they are in the same set, and they are unlocked by completing Below Freezing Point on VERY HARD Difficulty. In File #2, the set is already unlocked and can be purchased for a cheaper price, and they can be made playable without purchasing with the Data Convert.

Frost starts with a Recovery Pill, and has a relatively high vitality between 2600 and 3000. He has an infection rate of 1.21% per minute, a movement speed of 0.57, and an attack multiplier of X0.96. [1]

Frost: B is shown to have an injured hand and starts with a mixture of a Red and Green herb. He has an average vitality of between 2000 and 2600, an infection rate of 1.34% per minute, a movement speed of 0.81, and an attack multiplier of X1.00. [2]

Both are George-type characters.

Further notes

  • Frost's name might be a pun to the scenario's theme due to it involving some rooms being frozen. it could also be a reference to his body being frozen to the temperature control console.
  • Interestingly, the injured version does not start in danger status like most characters with injuries on their bodies do.
    • This is most likely because the injury was post mortem since the survivors had to burn his hand to unthaw the console he was frozen to.
  • Both versions of Frost are referred to as SCHOLAR1 and SCHOLAR2 respectively in File #1.



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