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"Fuel for a flamethrower."
— Inventory description
— Inventory description - Japanese

Fuel is an ammunition type in the Resident Evil 2 remake. This ammunition type is only retrievable in Leon's campaign for his Chemical Flamethrower.


Fuel are the standard ammunition used for the Chemical Flamethrower. In addition, they can only be found at various locations in the game, and not crafted unlike most other standard weapon ammunition.

Ivy Zombie is susceptible to this ammo, this is the only way for Leon to permanently kill them.


  • Inside the draw of the small table in the northwest corner of the Press Room after obtaining and developing the Film: "Hiding Place" (x400).
  • On the bench in the southwest corner of the Cafeteria (x200).
  • On the metal shelves in the northwest corner of the Server Room (x100).
  • On the small ledge next to the west side luminous green canisters on the south side of the Bioreactors Room (x200).