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The Fuel Canteen is an item in the 2002 remake of Resident Evil. It appears as a small silver flask with decorations on it. It is found in the east storeroom. During the Mansion Incident, Umbrella employees filled these canteens with Kerosene, to be used on Zombie corpses to stop any chances of them becoming Crimson Heads.



The Fuel Canteen is used to store kerosene. The Lighter is required to use the canteen. It can be refilled in the tanks of kerosene the employees left around the Spencer Mansion. When full, it can be used two times. It is used from the item menu and selecting "use" command while standing over a zombie corpse.

Tricks and tips[]

  • When corpses are close to each other, it is possible to burn multiple bodies with only one use.
  • If you burn an inactive zombie, it will not come to life later. For example, the extra zombie inside the Keeper's Room can be burned so that after the zombie inside the closet attack, it will not spring to life.


Only Jill needs to use a slot to use the lighter for the canteen, as her special item was the Lockpick Barry gave her near the beginning of the game. Chris's special item was the lighter, so it didn't require a slot in Chris's inventory.

  • Examine when still usable
"There's still some kerosene left in it."
  • Examine when empty
"You can carry with you fuel to light a few times using a lighter."