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"The main ingredient of this fuel appears to be nitro compound. "Running" could result in a fatal explosion."
— Item examination

Fuel Supply Capsule is a key item in Resident Evil.


The Fuel Supply Capsule is required to restore power to the elevator. It must be filled up with nitro compound and returned to where it was found.


Returning the filled supply capsule can be a daunting task. The capsule is filled with a volatile nitro compound that has a chance of exploding if the player runs, fires certain weapons or is attacked. The exact chance of explosion varies by action and difficulty, but a list is provided by the official strategy guide (see Gallery). 

In order to make the journey as easy as possible, the player should eliminate the zombie near the morgue in the central cloister, the zombie closest to Power room A and the chimera patrolling near the fuelling device in the power room. 

The player is able to use defensive items, including flash grenades and Jill's stun gun, and even fire the handgun without detonating the capsule. Humorously, the act of a character failing to use a defensive item on a chimera while being grabbed and shook from the ceiling will not cause the capsule to explode.


The Fuel Supply Capsule is found in Power room passage A. It can be refilled in the Researcher's private room, where you acquire the Slide Filter.


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