Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Fumer (development code: "WM-002") are an enemy unique to the "Not a Hero" mode of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


After the recovery of Mia Winters and her husband Ethan, Chris Redfield is tasked with apprehending Lucas Baker and look into the disappearance of three fellow Umbrella operatives.

Chris Redfield proceeds into the salt mines, which has been converted into Lucas' personal hideout. Very soon into the investigation Chris finds the tunnels are infested with a strange white mold that is producing deadly spores into the air. Further into the mines, Chris stumbles upon the Fumers, advanced white Molded that are invulnerable to regular damage, forcing him to retreat. He soon after finds Anti-Regen Ammo that is capable of breaking down the fungal membranes and prevents the regeneration of damaged tissue, this ammunition is more than capable of defeating Fumers, only requiring a singular well placed shot.

It is later found out that they are the creation of Lucas Baker in association with The Connections, who supplied him with a fully operational laboratory and research staff in the hopes of improving upon the E-Type Molded. They were codenamed WM-002 in research files and photographs.


Fumers look similar to a basic Molded, but with white-colored mycelia/fungal strands covering their bodies. Their heads are much more human-like than their brethren, resembling a decaying skull instead of a mass of fangs - however, they retain the basic Molded's clawed hands. Organs and muscle tissue can be seen beneath the mold, implying that these Molded are created from human victims instead of being directly manifested from the Mold.


Fumers are similar to basic Molded, but with immunity to regular bullets due to the rapid regeneration of their white mold. The only way to damage them is to use Anti-Regen Ammo.



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