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Resident Evil Village - Chris finds the Mold Root

Chris Redfield stands before the fungus root.

A Fungal root ( (きん) (こん) kinkon?) is the core of a Mold super-colony. Fungal Roots operate as an essential entity within these colonies, and are where copies of organisms' consciousnesses are stored. At least two Fungal Roots are known to have existed; the first lay beneath an ancient megalith called the Ceremony Site within a mountain village in Eastern Europe, where it was worshipped as the Black God (黒き神 kuroki kami?), while the second was formed in 2014 in a second super-colony in Louisiana.


Black God[]

How ancient this organism was is unknown, as well as how it came to be. What is known is that it had consumed the bodies of many people buried in the area by the time of its modern discovery in 1919 by Miranda as well as stored and preserved their consciousnesses into itself.[1] After a century of planning, in 2021 the Fungus root's exponential growth was triggered and it began consuming the village, absorbing the DNA of any organism it came across so it could create replicas. The colony was finally destroyed when a powerful explosive device was planted at its core and detonated. This caused all of the fungus colony as well as its infected victims to die out.

Louisiana fungal root[]

A fungal root was also created in Dulvey Parish, Louisiana when a Mold-contaminated oil tanker, Annabelle, was swept inland during a hurricane in October 2014. Over the next three years this super-colony spread for miles beneath swampland, into houses and into a salt mine. The conscious minds of those contaminated by Mold, regardless of distance, were ultimately duplicated and stored within this fungal root for later. It was discovered in July 2017 by Ethan and Mia Winters, the former of whom was briefly embedded within the core and communicated with the stored minds. This root was likely destroyed as part of the BSAA's sterilisation of the area.

Possible third root[]

Resident Evil Village - dead fungal root

The crystalised remains of a fungal root.

During Ethan Winters' search through the mountain village, he briefly travelled through a cavern covered in the crystalised remains of a fungal root. Whether this was the super-colony's first fungal root or simply a dead part of it is unknown.


The Mold's most noteworthy trait is its ability to absorb the genetics of its victims as well as their consciousness and store it within itself. This allowed the Mold to imprint knowledge of the consciousnesses stored within the Fungal Root onto a host it has symbiotically bonded with. Both Mother Miranda and Ethan Winters were in direct contact with the conscious minds 'archived' in their respective roots. In its external appearance, the Black God took the form of a human fetus.

Further notes[]

  • In the English localisation, this colony is referred to as the "Megamycete", though this term is not used in the Japanese script.