The Furnace Facility is an area in Resident Evil 5 that concludes Chapter 1-2. The exit elevator leads to the Storage Facility.


After picking up the Furnace Key from the dead corpse inside the furnace room, the Majini Uroboros Test Subject will appear and prevent Chris from unlocking the door to the Storage Facility. The Uroboros is to be lure into the furnace room, where it can be disposed of using the flames. There are also two gas cylinder that Chris can knock over and it'll attach to the Uroboros whenever it passes by it. By firing those gas cylinders, it'll cause it to explode. After defeating the Uroboros, the player can proceed to the Storage Facility.


Location Action Localization Original Script
The dead body CHECK Another body! Dammit! Are there no survivors!?
The door to the Storage Facility. CHECK It's locked. I need a key.
Gas Cylinder CHECK These gas cylinders look easy to knock over.




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