"マイクロ波焼却炉の電源をつなぐために必要なものだ "
— Item examination - Japanese
"This is necessary to connect the microwave furnace to a power source."
— Item examination - unofficial translation

The Furnace Plug (焼却炉のプラグ shōkyakuro no puragu?) is an item which was intended to appear in Resident Evil 0 during its GameCube stage of development but was removed in the final release. You can get it in the Biohazard 0 TRIAL EDITION with the help of cheat devices such as Action Replay MAX or GameShark; however, it is not usable anywhere and lacks a 3d model as well.

It is possible that this item was supposed to be used in the fight against the first form of the Queen Leech in the B9 microwave furnace room.

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