"A bronze-made compass. It says "Future in my hand" on it."
— Item examination

The Future Compass is a bronze emblem that is featured in downtown Raccoon City. In Resident Evil 3, Jill Valentine comes across the Future Compass resting in an alcove by a fountain of water and electrical wires. If Jill removes the compass from the wall, a gush of electrical water will sprout near the compass, electrocuting Jill if she touches it. Jill must return the compass into the wall in order to bypass the electrical current. Once Jill retrieves the Book of Wisdom from Mayor Michael Warren statue in Raccoon City Hall, she can place it into the frame next to the compass, allowing her to safely acquire the compass without having to deal with the electrical current. Attempting to take the compass from its hollow, Jill will read the message "The future is in our hands.".

When she returns the compass to the Mayor Warren statue, the statue will turn around and she will be able to pick up a Battery needed to power a lift at the Construction site. The mayor's statue with empty hands can read the message "It can hold something in its hand.". After setting the Compass, lamp indicator will turn to blue and statue will start turning around. The item cannot be taken again after that.




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