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BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.54 - page 22

A microscopic view of the virus in Sherry's body.

The G-Virus[1] (G——细菌, though also referred to simply as "G菌") is a virus possessing supernatural abilities. It was the produce of an ancient civilisation,[2] which the Umbrella Group redeveloped as prophecised.


Umbrella's G-Virus was developed by Dr. William, who infected himself when Umbrella tried to steal the work.[3] The virus typically caused people to act violently and give in to emotional and sexual urges, as seen by the "G Zombies" on the artificial island.[4]

Sherry Birkin was also infected with the virus, but because she was a Patron Saint, she was immune to its negative effects. She was able to control zombies, keeping them away from her and Claire in Raccoon City.[5] When she rapidly aged into a grown woman, she demonstrated the ability to heal wounds by touch, doing so to an injured man's leg at the B.H.S.T. base.[4]

Further notesEdit

Both King's Foundation and Tinhangse refer to the G-Virus in Hanzi repeatedly as "G菌", suggesting a bacteria.


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