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"A standard power handgun. Designed mainly for ease of use."
— Inventory description

G17 Handgun (ハンドガンG17 hando ganjī 17?) is a weapon in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

It was the firearm of Deputy David Anderson before dropping it when he was killed by Jack Baker.


The handgun has a passable firepower, decent stopping power in terms of head shots, and holds a 10 Handgun Ammo per magazine. It is comparatively weaker to the M19 Handgun.

Using Enhanced Handgun Ammo significantly increases its stopping power and damage, making it more effective.

Handgun Ammo and Enhanced Handgun Ammo are stored in separate chambers and will not occupy an inventory slot as long as a chamber has not reached its full capacity.

Main game[]

The weapon becomes available to pick up in the Garage of the Main House 1F after the scene where the Deputy gets killed and it falls to the floor. If not picked up during the fight with Jack, it will be moved to in front of the ladder, where it must be picked up in order to progress.


The G17 Handgun is available by default for crafting for 50 Scrap. The "Handgun Upgrade" Skill will affect this weapon.

Ethan Must Die[]

The G17 Handgun can be found in two star crates.

Jack's 55th Birthday[]

The G17 Handgun is in the Item Box in every stage of Jack's 55th Birthday. Like all weapons in this mode, it will shoot out confetti.