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Gabriel "Gabe" Chavez was a TerraSave member and co-worker of Claire Redfield and Moira Burton. He was a qualified vehicle mechanic, and understood by his colleagues to be fearless and robust.[excerpt 1]

Gabe at the TerraSave party shortly before the attack



"Just like Kijuju, man. Fun shit."

In 2011, Gabe attended a party at TerraSave headquarters. Unfortunately, the party did not go as expected as an unknown group of soldiers attacked and took a number of TerraSave members hostage, transporting them to a reclusive island. When Gabe came to he found himself in a dense forest with fellow members Pedro Fernandez and Edward Thompson, as well as their senior Neil Fisher. Each of them was wearing a mysterious bracelet with a changing colored light. A woman calling herself the Overseer spoke to the TerraSave members through this bracelet, urging them to escape the forest and find "where life begins," the Wossek. Together they worked to survive, but Edward was soon killed by attacking Afflicted.

The surviving three continued to flee, after severing Edward's hand so Pedro can take his bracelet. Along the way, Gabe remarks that their attackers remind him of the events in Kijuju, suggesting that he was present at some point. Try as they might to evade the Afflicted, the three could only keep it up for so long. Their numbers dwindled again as Neil told Gabe and Pedro to go on ahead, an order that Gabe begrudgingly obeyed.

The Wossek

"I'm no lab rat. She can stick it up her all-seeing ass."

Together, Gabe and Pedro were able to find a brief reprieve at a nearby fishing village. It was in this village that Gabe spotted a sign reading Wossek outside a pub. Gabe surveyed the building for potential danger before beckoning Pedro inside with him for a brief moment of safety. They were soon alerted by a figure outside a front window heading toward the entrance. Gabe readied his knife as the door opened and attacked. Much to his surprise, his attack was reversed and he found himself on his back, staring up at a gun - and fellow TerraSave survivor Claire Redfield, as well as new member Moira Burton who joined them after Claire told her it was alright.

Seemingly able to rest for the moment, Gabe and Claire shared the events that happened to them. While Claire revealed that fellow member Gina Foley was killed inside the prison she and Moira awoke in, Gabe told Claire of Edward's fate as well as their decision to take his bracelet for Pedro to analyze. Although Moira was disgusted with the idea of them having cut off Edward's hand, Claire sympathized with the difficult decision they had to make. After exploring the pub, the Overseer contacted the four through their bracelets, revealing to them that they had all been injected with a special virus as part of an experiment. Gabe was infuriated with the revelation but quickly rejected the entire concept, telling the others to forget about it.

He asked Claire to follow him and led her outside of the Wossek and towards a large set of metal doors leading to a clearing. Along the way, Gabe expressed his concern for Neil, revealing to Claire that they had gotten separated along the way. In the clearing, Gabe showed Claire and Moira a helicopter that was left behind by a traveler who died in the fishing village. He informed them that if he can get a battery and some fuel, he should be able to repair it so they can escape. As they went to find the supplies they need, Gabe began to work on repairing the helicopter.

Claire and Moira eventually managed to find the battery and fuel needed to finish the repairs, Gabe remarking that he was hardly surprised with Claire's ability to come through. Before he could finish, the Overseer activated a siren originating from the Wossek. Deducing that she was trying to attract creatures throughout the village to their location, Gabe told Claire and Moira to go deactivate it and hold off their potential attackers as he finished the repairs. Gabe closed the gate behind them after Pedro followed the two, leaving Gabe to himself.

While Pedro mutated from becoming overwhelmed by fear and Claire and Moira were saved by Neil, Gabe was left behind with the helicopter. Although Claire was concerned, Neil remarked how Gabe was quite capable of handling dangerous situations.

Escape Attempt

"Oh, yeah! Hell yeah! Oversee this, bitch! We are off this motherfucking island!"

As Claire and Moira, along with Natalia Korda, a young girl they came across, came upon the tower where they suspected the Overseer was broadcasting the signal for the bracelets, Gabe suddenly came in overhead with the working helicopter. As he flew by, he shouted exuberantly, excited at the prospect of he and his friends being able to escape the island.

However, the controls for the helicopter short-circuited as the Overseer spoke to him, referring to him as Gregor and accusing him of cheating.

As the helicopter spun out of control, he began to panic and his bracelet started to flash red, indicating the process of mutation from the virus. His hand started to transform and he desperately stabbed at his wrist with his knife, presumably to remove his hand. The helicopter ricocheted off of buildings, destroying the blades as he continued to stab himself, his screams eventually dying into a maniacal laughter as the helicopter finally crashed into a building and exploded. Sometime after the crash when Moira and Claire left for the factory, his burnt corpse fell to the ground below.


"If you're a friendly who is reading this, meet us at this Wossek. Be safe, be alert."

Six months later, while Barry Burton investigated the island, he found a note left behind by Gabe. In the note, Gabe explained that he, Pedro, Neil, and Edward were together after being taken to the island and that he could hear the sounds of predators, unsure if they were animal or human. The note went on to explain how they were told to go to the Wossek (although Gabe spelled it "Vossek," acknowledging in his note that he was unsure of the spelling). The note ended with Gabe telling any friendly reading it to find the Wossek and meet potential survivors there.

Gabriel's corpse.

Barry also came across the crashed helicopter still lodged inside the wall of the building, jokingly remarking on the "parking job" and had to push it out to proceed. When he and Natalia reached the ground floor and left the building, Gabe's body was found in front of the entrance, burnt and decayed with the deactivated bracelet still upon his wrist and his arm grotesquely mutated.

Gabe would never find out that his boss, Neil Fisher, was one of the pieces of the puzzle responsible for the kidnapping. He was number three on Neil's list of candidates to be experiments for the new virus, number two being Claire Redfield and the number one being Neil himself.

Personality and Relationships

"You stay the hell alive, Fisher!"

Gabe was a survivor and an optimist, which Neil attributed to Gabe being ex-military. Through the ordeal on the island, he tended to lean towards positive thinking such as when he told his fellow survivors to not worry about the virus they'd been infected with as it was only a distraction. He was also quite certain that they would be able to find the necessary supplies to repair the helicopter and escape, and when he got the helicopter working he was sure that their survival was imminent.

He was compassionate and considerate of his friends, initially unwilling to leave Neil to deal with attacking Afflicted while he and Pedro escaped. Although he later allowed Claire to handle attackers while he fixed the helicopter, it was also known that he thought very highly of her as he was completely unsurprised that she was able to scrounge up what was needed for the chopper.

Most notably, Gabe had the tendency of calling people by their last names (presumably because of his service in the military), for example referring to Claire as "Redfield," Neil as "Fisher," Pedro as "Fernandez," and Edward as "Thompson." The only known exception to this is Moira Burton, who he referred to as "the newbie" once due to her being the newest member of TerraSave.


Gabe is a playable character in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Raid Mode. Much like how he is only seen using a knife in his brief appearances in the campaign, Gabe's style initially leans more towards physical attacks. He only starts with one weapon slot, not unlocking his second until Level 25, and his equipped passive skills are Handgun Mastery and Melee Mastery. His only starting active skill equipped is the unique Ground Pound attack, which causes damage to all enemies around him.



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