Gambit (高機動作戦用車両?) is a document on the BSAA Remote Desktop, a BSAA computer which was featured in an ARG campaign for Resident Evil 5.


High mobility operation vehicle

Lenght: 4900mm
Width: 2300mm
Height: 2200mm
Total displacement: 6459cc
Engine: V-type 8 cylinder turbo
Drive system: 4WD
Number of passengers: 6

BSAA's high mobility operation vehicle.
Its nickname is "Gambit".
It's mainly used for the transport of SOU personnel.
Depending on the operation's purpose and usage environment, equipment and armament can be changed.
The vehicle shown in the photo is equipped with a machine gun and snorkel.
In addition, there is a type that covers the cargo bed with a roof, and a type equipped with a smoke discharger.

Its robust construction and high performance make it suitable for use in anti-bioterrorism operations and local use, but not suitable for use in general urban areas.
In order to select this equipment, it's necessary to fully consider the purpose of the operation and the characteristics of the land used on.

However, it's presumed that the performance of this vehicle will be fully demonstrated in this operation.


全長: 4900mm
全幅: 2300mm
全高: 2200mm
総排気量: 6459cc
エンジン: V型8気筒ターボ
駆動方式: 4WD
乗員数: 6名

愛称は”ガンビット (Gambit)”。
作戦目的や使用環境に応じて、 装備や武装が変更可能。
写真の車両には、 機銃とシュノーケルが装備されている。
その他、 荷台部分をルーフで覆ったタイプ、 スモークディスチャージャーを装備したタイプも存在する。


だが、 今回の作戦においては、 同車両の性能が遺憾なく発揮されると推測される。


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