The GameCube Biohazard Official Navigation Book (ゲームキューブ版 バイオハザード オフィシヤルナビゲーションブック Gēmukyūbu-ban baiohazādo ofishiyarunabigēshonbukku?) is a 112-page guide book for the remake of Resident Evil written by Famitsu. It contains information about characters; creature guides; locations and curiosities of the mansion; details about items; "secrets" and development history.

It includes an interview with producers Shinji Mikami and Hiroyuki Kobayashi, which included the ramifications of the Nintendo-exclusivity agreements.[1][2]


Chapter 1: Basic (pp.4-34)

This section consists of several interviews; biographies for the cast, and an guide explaining combat mechanics.

Chapter 2: Map and Guide (pp.36-96)

This section consists of a walkthrough guide.

Chapter 3: Special Data (pp.98-111)

This section consists of information on each enemy type encountered in the game as well as what each item is for.


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