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Game Babes is a featurette in the DVD for Resident Evil: Apocalypse.


Game Babes deals with the change in action films where women replace men as the protagonists, featuring interviews with Milla Jovovich; Sienna Guillory and the male staff and actors in regards to them. Milla and Sienna discuss the use of clothing in action films heavily and question whether dressing "unsexy" makes the character more so, choosing on the side of wearing more revealing clothes.

Milla describes how she herself came up with an element of the backstory, establishing in a Raccoon 7 weather forecast that there is a heatwave. This was in part to justify why Sienna would wear Jill's miniskirt and tubetop for the film. A slight problem with this decision was that filming the outside scenes would take place in November.

In regards to stunts, Milla is shown to have trained to do her own fighting scenes. In a fight scene with the Nemesis, Milla is shown falling off a box, having failed to stop properly and losing balance.