"Game instructions. This explains about various actions, operations on MAP screen and operations in the event scenes."
— Item examination - English

Game Instructions A (プレイマニュアル赤 Purei maniyiaru ao) is a file in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


It can be found immediately inside Jill's inventory.


We hope to improve your
chances to survive!

<Shooting Objects>:
You may get different reactions
from shooting objects, such as
oil drums and bombs.
*Press the R2 button
to aim directly at these objects.

<Quick Turn>:
You can perform quick 180
degrees turns.
*Press the Run button while

<Emergency Escape>:
When you're trapped by enemies,
you can push them away to
*Press the Directional buttons,
Action button, Cancel button,
Run button, Draw Weapon
and Change Target buttons

<Emergency Dodging>:
Just before an enemy attacks,
you can perform a dodge move to
evade it!
*Press the Draw Weapon or
Draw Weapon buttons.
*Press the Action button while

<Getting on/off an Object>:
You can get on or off certain
objects that appear in the game.
*Press the Action button while
you are moving forward to the
edge of an object that you wish
to get on or off.

Press the View Map button to
view the map.
*You can zoom in or out of the
map by pressing the Action
*While the map is zoomed in,
use the Directional buttons to
move the screen.
Press the View Map button to
switch between maps.

<Live Selection>:
At certain points in the game,
the screen fades into B&W. At
these points, you will be
prompted to choose between two
different options.
*Use the Directional buttons
to move between the options and
use the Action button to make
your decision.

<Event Cancel>:
It is possible to skip certain
*Press the View Map button to
skip these scenes.

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