Game Over: RESIDENT EVIL Reanimated is a featurette found in DVDs for Resident Evil: Apocalypse which deals with the development of the film.

Game Plan

In an interview with Producer Robert Kulzer, the first film was intended to be entirely original and outside the world of the games. For Apocalypse it was decided that it was time to bring in more game references for the audience. CODE:Veronica and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis cutscenes are shown in this chapter to compare with similar scenes in Apocalypse.

To expand beyond the previous film, larger sets; more monsters and extras and bigger effects were added to show how significant the outbreak is.

In regards to the casting, the role of Jill Valentine was originally cast to someone else who dropped out. Mike Epps was added in as comic relief.

Running, Jumping, Fighting

Zombie Choreography


Director Alexander Witt opens this chapter with describing the Zombie acting as problematic.

Derek Aasland, the assistant Undead choreographer, agrees that it is very hard to choreograph Zombies, especially with 3-400 Zombie actors. During the film's production he wrote "The Bible of the Undead", a story bible explaining what the Undead are in the movie universe and how this affects the individual's movements.

Sharon Moore, the lead Undead choreographer, describes how professional dancers were hired and brought through a four-day boot camp to train them to act properly. Training went beyond walking, but included studies on how to perform vacant expressions and proper face muscle movements.

Aasland adds that there were rules for training. No hunchback zombie walks were allowed. Neither could actors perform a straight-arm walk, or drag their feet. The specific zombie actions wanted were referred to as the "Liquid" and "Zen zombie". Due to poor muscle control, the "Liquid Zombie" involves constant body movement with the impression they are perpetually off-balance and about to fall. The "Zen Zombie" raises its arms when in close proximity to its victim and try to hug them. When biting people, they are to move their mouths left and right as though resting on a pillow.

Aasland and Moore confirm that the background zombie were given equal make-up to the 'Feature Zombies' (that is, Undead who directly interact with the characters), and that the Undead child actors went through the same boot camp. Actor Raz Adotti (Peyton Wells) describes his newfound appreciation of the boot camp, having undergone training ahead of his character's zombification. The chapter ends with Milla Jovovich (Alice) referring to the Undead actors as the real heroes, having worked out in the cold in improper clothing.

Building Raccoon City

Big Guns

Smoke and Mirrors


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