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Game Rank (ゲームランク gēmu-ranku?) in Resident Evil 4 is a feature hidden from the player. Difficulty is determined by this feature on top of the difficulty level picked at the beginning of the game. While visually not tracked, it constantly exercises an effect on gameplay – increasing and decreasing as the player progresses through the game. It alters the hostility and strength of the enemies encountered throughout the game on top of many other features. There are also cases where a change in game rank is forced by the game when entering a specific area.

Key features altered by game rank

Feature Change when game rank is high
Damage dealt on enemies by your attacks decreases
Damage received from enemy attacks increases
Number of enemies (only in specific areas) increases
The speed with which enemies approach you becomes faster
The frequency of enemies evading or defending your attacks increases
The HP (parasite count) of Regeneradors gets higher

Actions that increase game rank

Action Level of influence
Defeating enemies ★★
Hitting enemies or their equipment
Evading enemy attacks ★★
  • Defeating stronger enemies results in a greater increase in game rank.
  • Hitting more targets at the same time results in a greater increase in game rank; failing to hit 3-4 or more enemies at once with shotgun-type weapons decreases game rank.
  • It still counts as an evasion even when enemies attack you from a position where it is impossible for them to hit you. Shaking off attacks from Ganados or El Gigantes does not have an effect on game rank.

Actions that decrease game rank

Action Level of influence
Getting hit ★★★★
Missing with an attack
Hitting "continue" ★★★★★
  • Receiving greater damage results in a greater decrease in game rank.
  • Missing attacks does not count when using the Knife, Chicago Typewriter, Incendiary Grenade and Flash Grenade.
  • When you hit "continue," game rank will lower starting from what you had at the time you activated the checkpoint you return to.

Changes in the number of attacks required to defeat an enemy

Figures are given based on a Combatant Ganado with 1000 HP being hit in the torso by a fully upgraded Punisher.

Game Mode At the start of the game With game rank at the minimum With game rank at the maximum
Normal (Main Story) 6x 5x 10x
Easy (Main Story) 5x 4x 8x
Professional (Main Story) 10x 10x 10x
Assignment: Ada 7x 7x 7x
The Mercenaries 7x 7x 7x

Changes in the damage received by the controlled character

Figures are given based on a HP of 1560 with a Hand Grenade (base damage: 1200) exploding in the immediate vicinity.

Game Mode At the start of the game With game rank at the minimum With game rank at the maxmum
Normal (Main Story) 960 720 1800 (death)
Easy (Main Story) 840 600 1200
Professional (Main Story) 1800 (death) 1800 (death) 1800 (death)
Assignment: Ada 1080 1080 1080
The Mercenaries 863 863 863
  • In the case of Assignment: Ada, when fighting Krauser at the Communications tower, the values become 1320.
  • In the case of The Mercenaries, values are given in terms of Stage 3 and Stage 4. When it comes to Stage 1 and Stage 2, the values become 960.