Game of Oblivion (忘却のゲーム Bōkyaku no gēmu?) is a series of levels in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, serving as a re-telling of the events of Resident Evil CODE:Veronica. As with "Memories of a Lost City", this is a summary of events as told by Leon S. Kennedy to Jack Krauser, and does not replace the actual game canonically.



There were many changes in this chapter from the original game, largely done to condense the plot:

  • Claire is in the cemetery part of the prison when she meets with Steve after "getting the jump on him".
  • Hunters appear before the player(s) can choose Chris as a character.
  • The Military Training Center's basement is some sort of kill house.
  • Wesker does not make direct contact with the Redfield or Ashford siblings throughout the scenario; however, his voice can be heard when Steve and Claire make their way from the island palace to Alfred's private residence (with Claire apparently sensing his presence) and is in full view at the end of the scenario's final chapter. In addition, Chris only seems to deduce Wesker's survival when he sees his knife near a carved message on the pillar.
  • Alexia kills Alfred herself for not waking her up on time, rather than mourn his death as she did in the original game. By consequence, Alexia's reason for capturing Claire and Steve and experimenting on the latter was just for the sake of it rather than as revenge for their role in Alfred's death as was the case originally.
  • Chris meets Steve.
  • Claire helps Chris fight Alexia.
  • Alexia speaks when mutated.
    • On a related note, all of Alexia's forms are fought in the same area, which was originally where her second and third forms were fought. In addition, although she implies that she did get injured when her first form is defeated, it was apparently less severe than it was originally.
    • On top of this, Alexia's transformations were altered, depicting the Alexia-Pod's assisting her with additional bio-mass for her second mutation.
  • Alexander Ashford's only human appearance is via a logged video.
  • Chris and Wesker did not fight in the final battle at Antarctica.


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