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Ganado (ガナード ganādo?) is the term given to a human victim of the Recessive Plaga Species genetically-engineered by Los Iluminados. The word is derived from the Spanish word "ganado", which means "livestock" in general, but can refer to bovines in particular.


Until Reconquista, Ganados were only found in one particular region of Spain, and were part of a pagan religion. These Ganados were slaughtered in a Crusade led by Salazar, who sealed the surviving Plagas in underground caves. The Plagas escaped the caves in the early 21st century and turned a number of miners from the nearby village into Ganados. Through genetic-engineering of the parasite, the bio-weapons developer Los Iluminados was able to genetically engineer two new subspecies: the Dominant Plagas which would be under the control of its host and mutate them at will, and the Recessive Plagas which would force the host to obey commands from the former. The Ganados were of this latter variety.

Seeking to recruit the local population into a private army, Los Iluminados brainwashed the villagers to follow a neopagan religion, seeing its leader Osmund Saddler as a "Prophet". These villagers were injected with Plaga eggs which would take over their body, disguised as a baptismal ritual.[1] Now unwaveringly loyal to their Prophet, the Ganados received orders to kill trespassers on sight. The village Ganados protected their area armed with farming tools, but using any mechanical skills to create explosives. Those which lived in Salazar's castle served as monks, and were provided medieval weaponry. Those who served in the Prophet Saddler's army on his island were paramilitary militiamen armed with modern military grade weapons. How many people were killed for the crime of trespass is uncertain, as a number of locals were also executed for various, unknown offenses. It is certain that two police officers from Madrid were killed by villagers.

Following the storming of the region by Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong, the Ganados faced severe losses, including that of all Dominant Plaga hosts. Though the Spanish government sealed off the area, displaced persons native to the region were parasitised again when they illegally returned to their homes. As late as 2016 Los Iluminados was still operational to an unknown degree, though it is uncertain if it was led by Ganados.



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