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Ganados (がナード ganādo?) are humans that have been parasitised by the recessive Plaga parasites endemic to Spain and used by Los Iluminados. The name is derived from the Spanish "los Ganados", meaning "the herd".

History Edit

Though Ganados are known to have existed centuries ago, little is known of how they behaved and what abilities they may have possessed before the followers of Los Iluminados were killed in a Crusade led by the First Castellan. When the Plagas were unearthed by a bioweapons developer named after the cult, it spent some time modifying the organisms, so the behaviour of modern Ganados may differ. It is known that the group engineered a new subspecies of Plagas known as the Dominant Species, which would communicate orders to the others and, through them, the host. Resulting from this, the group's leader, Osmund Saddler, could force Ganados to do his bidding, though their allegiance to the cult would manipulate them to continue to follow these instructions in his absence.

These modern Ganados, whether villager, monk, or militia member, aided Los Iluminados' operations by attacking any outsider on sight unless given instructions not to. This served as an adequate anti-spy method on Saddler's part. Others also took part in mining operations beneath the Salazar Castle to recover more parasite carcasses for further study.