Further notes
  • In Chapter 4-1, if you kill a cultist that is patrolling the tower with the jammed gears in it, you will notice that the top part of his cloak disappears.
  • A number of drafts were proposed for the cultists, but the goat skull mask was chosen as a suitable enemy skin due to its relations to black magic.[1][excerpt 1]
  • The player can obtain Bottlecaps modeled after the various cultists. There are four of them and are all regular prizes that can be won when playing Game C. Their names are displayed as "Zealot w/ Scythe", "Zealot w/ Shield", "Zealot w/ Bowgun", and "Leader Zealot". Their sound effects are a variety of chants heard throughout the game.
  • The player can also obtain Bottle Caps modeled after the various villager ganado. The four male models' names are displayed as "Don Jose", "Don Diego", "Don Esteban" and "Don Manuel". Their sound effects various things they shout at the player. They are all regular prizes that can be won when playing Game B. "Don Pedro" is a villager with a Plaga sprouting out of his head and is the rare prize won in Game C. "Isabel" and "Maria" are the female models and are both regular prizes won during Game D.
  • Before the helicopter pilot (Mike) was killed, there was a cutscene that showed three combatants, each carrying a scythe. This is only time scythes are ever seen in the hands of the combatants.
  • Before you head to the camera room where you can find the screens showing Ashley, take a left turn. Kill three Ganados (the one with the crossbow, the large one who has a sledgehammer and the one with the shield) and destroy the head of the fourth. You should see that he's carrying the same Plaga as the leader Cultists.
  • Combatants are the only types of enemies in the game besides the Leader Cultist and ambushing zealots in the Castle that use firearms (namely, Gatling Man). They are also occasionally seen with Rocket Launchers.
  • In Separate Ways, a few combatants wield other weapons such as stun prods or hatchets in conjunction to the wooden shield. They never attack with stun rods when carrying shields. One carries hatchets and a shield, he can either expose himself to throw hatchets at a short range or knock the player back with the shield if she is too close.
  • The phrases spoken by the Ganados give away their thoughts and/or actions, which players who speak Spanish can use to their advantage. For example, villagers will occasionally say, "detrás de ti, imbecil," which translates to, "behind you, stupid," which, in turn, can alert the player that a Ganado is behind them.
  • Despite Resident Evil 4 being set in Spain, the dialect the Ganados speak in Neutral Spanish; which it is mostly used by Mexican voice/dub actors.
  • Ganados will not throw weapons at the player, if they come from behind; one can just simply walk past them without suffering attacks from behind.



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