Ganado Ⅰ is a piece of music composed for Resident Evil 4. It appears in the biohazard4 Original Soundtrack as track 3 of the "Darkness Side" disc.[1]

Music information

Ganado Ⅰ was one of the first tracks composed for the game. It was originally to only appear in the first house, but later became more of a theme for the Ganado as a whole. The use of bells and synth was to present the feeling that there is something wrong happening.[2]

In-game usage

Ganado Ⅰ plays along the footpath to the village, a room visited in Chapter 1-1.




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  2. Excerpt from Soundtrack Book:
    "一番最初に作った曲。本当は最初の小屋の前だけで流れるはずだったのですが、 ガナードとの戦闘曲に格上げになりました。一定のリズムと不気味な鐘の音、せわしなく鳴るシンセ音で、 ガナードの異様ば雰囲気を出しています。あまりにも圧迫感があるということで、 途中でボリュームに変化をつけて緩和しています。"
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December 2005
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