Throughout the village, castle, and island, the Ganado make use of a variety of weapons ranging from agricultural tools used as makeshift weapons, to actual manufactured weapons. The Ganado arsenal includes various weapons from sickles and pitchforks, to flails, crossbows and even RPGs.


A common weapon among Ganado villagers, the pitchfork gives the most amount of range to a Ganado than most other weapons in a melee capacity. However, it is also a slower weapon, giving the player plenty of time either to back away from the impending strike or perform a counter-attack.


A single-handed axe, the hatchet is often utilized as an effective weapon in close-quarters. However, villager Ganado will also use hatchets at range, throwing them with varying accuracy towards the player. However, a well placed shot from the player's weapon can deflect the hatchet.


The sickle is a farming tool and is almost identical to the hatchet in the way it is utilized by the villagers. Although making for a quick close-ranged attack, the Ganado are just as likely to keep a distance and throw the sickle. Similar to the hatchet, it can be easily deflected with a shot from any firearm. Some Ganados will also stand on rooftops to throw the weapons at the player. All enemies wielding sickles have an infinite number of these tools.


A basic kitchen knife, this weapon is used by Ganado villagers for melee purposes. Despite its speed, a knife-wielding Ganado is somewhat less dangerous than many other types. As long as a short amount of distance is kept, the Ganado will be unable to strike the player.


Torch-wielding Villagers

Torches in the hands of villagers.

The Ganado villagers will use a flaming torch to try and set fire to the player. They need to get close and take their time as they attempt to blow the flames. This attack will take three or four bars of health in Professional Mode. Due to the time needed to prepare their attack, torch-blowers are somewhat easy to counter or avoid, either by stepping away or firing a shot that will turn the flames on them instead, usually killing them.


One of the most lethal weapons used by the Ganado, the chainsaw is used solely by variations of Chainsaw Man and the Chainsaw Sisters. They must get close to the player to use the chainsaw, but if they do get close enough to strike the player, it usually results in a one-hit kill, regardless of the difficulty setting.


One of the more dangerous Ganado are the ones that utilize sticks of dynamite. Although dynamite takes several moments to prepare by lighting the fuse and preparing to throw, the blast radius makes it hard to avoid depending on the location. However, the dynamite can be set off early by being shot, instantly exploding the Ganado holding it and anyone else caught in its radius. Dynamite is utilized by Ganado in the village, cultists in the castle, and Ganado militia on the island. Should a Ganado with dynamite grab the player's current character from behind and not be shaken off, the dynamite will explode, disintegrating them both.


A large two-handed scythe found only in the hands of cultist Ganado throughout the castle. Much like the pitchfork used by the villagers, it has a long range and high damage but a slow attack. The main difference is that the scythe can be easily used as a thrown weapon. Like other thrown weapons, however, it can be just as easily shot down by the player. Unlike the hatchet and sickle, thrown scythes are not infinite and will leave the throwing cultist unarmed.


A close-range weapon used by the cultists and the Ganado militia, it is another weapon with decent range but slow speed. The Ganado will attempt to build up momentum before swinging the weapon, leaving them vulnerable to counter-attacks.


Some cultists and Ganado militia use long wooden shields. The shields protect most of their body, generally only leaving their feet and part of their leg vulnerable. Used in conjunction with a flail, or sometimes a stun rod for the Ganado militia is a very effective and dangerous combo, giving the Ganado a means to close in on the player and protect themselves as they prepare to attack.


A crossbow that is equipped with flaming bolts can often be found in the hands of cultists and Ganado militia. The Crossbow excels at longer ranges, so enemies using this weapon are often encountered on elevated areas and behind cover. The crossbow can fire up to two bolts, one after another, before needing to reload. However, the Ganado is left vulnerable to attack after the bolts have been fired, as the weapon has a long reload time.


A rocket launcher that is used mostly by the Ganado militia, it is only encountered on a very rare basis. It is perhaps the most deadly weapon in Ganado arsenal, as a hit from the RPG is likely to kill or destroy almost anything it comes into contact with. The Ganado can only fire one rocket at a time before reloading and the reload takes a long time, usually giving the player a chance to quickly take them out.

Stun Rod

A close-range weapon used exclusively by the Ganado militia on the island, the presence of a stun rod is easily recognizable by the sound of crackling electricity that it emits. Once a Ganado armed with a stun rod is within range, he attacks quickly and the weapon does a large amount of damage when it connects. It also stuns the player temporarily, it is arguably one of the more dangerous Ganado weapons.


There are some large, armor-wearing Ganado militia that utilize huge two-handed Sledgehammers. They are amongst the slowest weapons in Ganado arsenal, but they are capable of causing a huge amount of damage if the weapon hits the player.

Gatling Gun

Exclusive to the Ganado known as Gatling Man, the Gatling Gun, or Chain Gun is a very deadly firearm, capable of rapid-fire bursts that deal huge amounts of damage. The weapon has a long preparation, however, needing first for the user to aim and also wait for the cylinder to wind up before any rounds can be fired. This long preparation makes it easier to avoid ahead of time, however, once it begins firing it is very difficult to avoid being hit by the weapon.

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