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Garradores behave much differently from any other enemies in Resident Evil 4. Most notably they are blind, and do not actively pursue the player. Instead, they attack based on sound. Gunshots and running will cause Garradores to hone on the player's position. Being covered in armor, the Garrador is almost completely protected. They receive greatly increased damage by attacking exposed Plaga on their back. During their rush attack, they can get their claws stuck in a wall and will struggle to free themselves for a while. Like the Gatling Man, they do not flinch from weak attacks, but can be stunned from powerful weapons such as the Handcannon, or explosions, but even when stunned, the player is not given the option to use melee prompts. However, they can be knocked down from melee attacks on nearby enemies.

There are two varieties of Garrador. "Normal-type" (通常タイプ Tsūjō taipu?), with a health value of 3500-4000 hp, and "Full-body armor type" (全身鎧タイプ Zenshin yoroi taipu?), with a health value of 5500 hp.[1]

Resident Evil 4[]


Move Attack value Description
Swing (振りまわし Furimawashi?) 620→360→160 Succumbing to his violent impulses, the Garrador attacks his opponent by swinging his claws, alternating between hand. The attack value will decline with each successive hit, though the final hit will not go lower than 160.[notes 1]
Thrust rush (突進突き Tosshin tsuki?) 1400 The Garrador will charge at you with his right claws above his head and thrust you, dealing sufficient damage and knocking the player back, but if you health is low (about in the yellow or lower) the Garrador will impale the head of its victim with its right set of claws and then impale the torso with its left set. Despite the fact it's right set of claws goes through the brain it doesn't instantly kill it's victim.

One way he brutally kills his prey is by lashing about blindly with Swing. In this move, the Garrador will swing his arms across left and right. The amount of damage sustained depends on which swing hit the player - while the first and most powerful swing deals 620 in damage, the third deals 160 points. Once inside his berserker claws, it is quite difficult to maneuver out of his path. If he takes out all of the player's health, he will use a special killing animation where he decapitates the player.

The second attack is the Thrust rush, an alternative attack whereby a Garrador will thrust his claws into the face of his prey, then impaling the victim's torso, dealing 1400 points in damage, which is sufficient to kill the player. Noting that piercing the brain doesn't necessarily result in instant death, the claw that is stabbed through the victim's head doesn't instantly kill them, so it must pierce a non-vital area of the brain. However, it is very easy to avoid and the Garrador may get them stuck in a wall, leaving it's parasite located on its back vulnerable.

It is worth noting that despite the mission objective of Los Iluminados Garradors do not take it easy on Ashley and will attack her and even kill her if they have the opportunity to.


Encounter Location Type Decsription
Chapter 3-1 Audience hall Normal-type (4000 hp) Remains motionless in the prison until the player walks up to it. The player must defeat this one in order to continue on.
Chapter 3-3 Dining hall Normal-type (4000 hp) After finishing the food puzzle and opening the locked door, walking a few steps into the room will cause a cutscene where the cultist trap Leon. A cage will fall along with a Garrador. The player can avoid this one by escaping.
Chapter 4-1 Normal-type (3500 hp) and Full body-type (5500 hp) Two wait at the end of the room. The door can actually be broken down allowing the player to leave the area.
Separate Ways Chapter 3 Dining hall Normal-type (4000 hp) Will spawn in the same manor as it goes in the same area of the Main game. This one will drop a Ruby instead of 15,000₧ like the rest do.
The Mercenaries Stage 2 Garradores appear in the castle stage in the Mercenaries minigame.


An easy way to defeat a Garrador is to try and trick them into turning their back on the player. Either by remaining quiet and waiting for the Garrador to go on patrol (it will retract its claws and start walking around the area, occasionally stopping to listen) whereby it may turn its back on the player allowing for a shot at its Plaga. Running makes noise that can alert the Garrador, but walking won't, allowing the player to simply walk around behind the Garrador.

Another tactic is to stand by a wall or door and attempt to make the Garrador into charging the player. If timed successfully the player can move out of the way, the Garrador will plunge its claw into whatever surface the player was standing by, and the monster will become immobilized for a few seconds allowing another shot at its spine. This technique is also good when attempting to knife a Garrador.

Another method that uses more ammo is to shoot it in the stomach or leg with a powerful weapon (such as the shotgun or magnum) and run behind it to shoot the Plaga. A few rifle shots will kill him faster, but a rifle and ammo are essential for completing the castle chapter easier; determine which weapon fits the situation. A great, but a bit slow, method is to have Ashley with you. Use the "Wait/Follow" trick so the Garrador can hear you. Move aside so the Garrador won't hit you then proceed to either knifing or shooting its back. The game also provides handy sources of sound for the player to employ in the form of tactically placed bells found in the rooms where most Garradores will spawn. For more details on these, see below. If the player tries to go back up the stairs, the door closes and locks Ashley safely outside, allowing the player to use the "Wait/follow" trick more easily without Ashley getting decapitated or impaled. Never try to throw a flash grenade on him then it will make him see you. You can use a frag or incendiary grenade on him that will stun him for a while. However, throwing a flash grenade over a Garrador's head and it landing on the ground behind it will confuse it and it will go for where the grenade hit rather than Leon.

The Mercenaries[]

Garradores can appear on the Stage 2 of the Mercenaries minigame. They are worth a base value of 7,000 points when defeated. Generally walking up the staircase near the spawn area will cause a normal Garrador to spawn. Another one will spawn once the player reaches the large area at the end of the map. In the same area, after getting around 95000 points, a cutscene will play where an armored Garrador comes rushing out of a wall that opens up on the opposite side of this area.

  • Leon Scott Kennedy - Leon must rely on his Riot Gun and save his grenade pick ups. Throwing a grenade to stun it and then shooting it in the back with the Riot Gun at point blank works well. There are also a few grenades laying around by default on the map. The Flash Grenade on the map should be used to throw over a Garrador's head to get it to turn around.
  • Ada Wong - Her incendiary grenades and semi-auto rifle work well. However, aiming with the rifle can be risky with Cultists around. The TMP is also useful for delivering some quick damage to a stunned Garrador's weak point and controlling crowds when they get too close.
  • Jack Krauser - His Plaga arm should be used. His Flash Grenades can be made useful if the player is careful by throwing over a Garrador's head, never in front of it.
  • HUNK - HUNK will need Hand Grenades, pick up all the drop. The grenades will damage and stun the Garrador allowing a chance to attack with more grenades or the TMP. The player should judge the situation to whether or not to focus on the Garrador or attack the crowds near the Garrador.
  • Albert Wesker - He can stun the Garrador with his grenades and shoot them with the rifle or the Killer7. However, the grenades aren't needed unless Wesker is having trouble with Cultists and/or getting the Garrador to turn its back. Throwing Flash Grenades over a Garrador's head should make it turn around and charge the opposite direction.

The Mercenaries 3D[]

The Garrador appears in The Mercenaries 3D on several stages; although limited to the Village and Old Castle, several appear on both survival missions. Their sound effects from Resident Evil 4 have been replaced by new ones, and now aren't as recognizable. The Garrador is also no longer capable of decapitating it's opponent, as The Mercenaries 3D does not feature decapitation. The attack is still present, but the player is simply knocked to the ground and dies. Also, the attack that involves skewering the player's head on his claws and then stabbing them in the gut has also been modified. Instead of the blade actually piercing the player's skull, it appears to float above it, and no blood comes out (perhaps to indicate that it "grabbed" the player with its hand). He then continues to stab the player. Although more tactically-enhanced than in Resident Evil 4, they are much more slow, giving the player time to evade it's charge.

  • 4-1 (Village, Daytime)
  • 4-5 (Ship Deck - Round 15)
  • 5-2 (Ship Deck)
  • EX-1 (Village, Night time)
  • EX-4 (Castle, Daytime)
  • EX-9 (Deserted Island, Evening - Round 10)

The Garrador is far easier to beat on Mercenaries 3D than in RE4; simply hitting it with an explosive will knock it to its knees or the ground, and shooting a machine gun or a powerful weapon like a rifle or magnum into its weak point will kill it very quickly. Additionally, it can be easily defeated while its standing up; it will not respond to attacks while "looking" around, and a machine gun (especially HUNK's AK-47) will kill it easily. It compensates by frequently appearing with other sub-bosses, and only in 4-1 does it appear alone. In 4-5, EX-4 and EX-9, several will appear simultaneously (two, two, and three, respectively), with a Red Executioner Majini accompanying the two in EX-4. On EX-1, killing it immediately is especially crucial, as Giant Chainsaw Man will appear when the Garrador spawns, making combat difficult.

Resident Evil 4 (2023)[]

The Garrador returns in the remake as a miniboss. Much like in their previous appearances, the Garrador is blind and will detect the player through sound.

There are chains hanging around the room with the Garrador, avoid touching these as it produce noise for the Garrador to easily track you down. Crouching is your best deal when engaging against a Garrador, making it easier to approach it from behind to expose its weak spot.

As with most enemies, the Garrador's attacks can be blocked by Parry, although a sneak attack to expose its weak spot is best done to prevent your knife from deteriorating further.

The best weapon to easily deal with the Garrador is the Bolt Thrower which produces less noise than any other weapons. Furthermore, arming it with the Attachable Mines and shooting it near the Garrador will lure them to the explosion.



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