"A powerful weapon that sprays bullets into targets. I should be able to defeat any enemy with this."
— Item examination - English
"ワントリガーで大量の弾をバラまける強力な武器だ これならどんなヤツらでもたおせるだろう "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Gatling Gun (ガトリングガン gatoringu-gan?) is a secret weapon found in Resident Evil 2.

This powerful weapon has infinite ammunition and an incredibly fast rate of fire; the player is able to mow down any enemy extremely fast. There is a short start up time when the fire button is held before it starts to fire. The weapon can not be aimed up or down.

To obtain this weapon, the player must finish Scenario B with an A or B Ranking. However, using it will instantly drop the player's rank down to a B, even if the player meets all other requirements to obtain an A ranking. An identical Gatling Gun can also be found in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and only takes half the inventory space than it does in Resident Evil 2.


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