The Gatling Gun is a secret weapon found in Resident Evil 2.

This powerful weapon has infinite ammunition and an incredibly fast rate of fire; the player is able to mow down any enemy with extreme ease in only a few seconds. The only drawbacks are that it cannot be aimed up or down, it takes a moment for the barrels to spool up and then another few seconds for the turret to begin to fire, which means that the player must fight enemies from a distance. Its sheer fire rate allows it to halt any enemy's advance near completely bar bosses which instead gets staggered relatively often.

To obtain this weapon, the player must finish Scenario B in less than two and a half hours without saving and getting an A or B Ranking. However, using it will instantly drop the player's rank down to a B, even if the player meets all other requirements to obtain an A ranking. An identical Gatling Gun can also be found in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and also takes up less inventory space than it does in Resident Evil 2.

Examine Description

"A powerful weapon that sprays bullets into targets. I should be able to defeat any enemy with this."
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