"A powerful weapon that allows you to scatter bullets with single trigger action. "A powerful weapon that sprays bullets into targets. I should be able to defeat any enemy with this."

The Gatling Gun is a weapon in Resident Evil 5.

Carriable Gatling Gun

The Gatling Gun is a weapon that can be unlocked and be purchased for use by Chris for ₦50,000 after completing the game on any difficulty and fully upgrading the VZ61. It inflicts 450 damage per bullet and, as the player utilizes the weapon without interruptions to its full potential, the damage gradually builds up as the bullets connect, to the point of knocking an enemy down & dealing massive damage. It comes with a large, obstructing ammo box on Chris's back and has infinite ammo. It is recommended to not use this in tandem with the Hydra, as the ammo box severely obstructs your ability to aim the shotgun. The ammo box can actually serve as a protective bullet shield and will protect Chris from gunshots fired at his back.

Like Chris, enemies too can carry and use Gattling Guns. One such example are the Gatling Gun Majinis.

Mounted Gatling Gun

In Chapter 2-3, Sheva has access to a single gatling gun mounted on a Gambit. Other gatling guns can be found during the course of the game, usually used by the Majini until they're killed and either Chris or Sheva take their place. This one has armored plating at the front, which will protect the user from incoming fire (however the head is unprotected). Both the ones from the jeep and the others will overheat (with a small vertical red bar that fills the icon), so watch your shots.


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