The Gatling Gun Majini are enemies that appear in the latter portions of Resident Evil 5 along with its unlockable content/DLC. They are very large muscular men that wear a beret and a pair of sunglasses. They also have a cigar in their mouths, a yellow or red vest, a necklace around their necks and army cargo pants. They carry a gatling gun that has an ammunition container mounted on their backs.


The Gatling Gun Majini comes in two varieties in Resident Evil 5. The first carries a steel-coloured gatling gun and wears sunglasses and a beret. The second carries a red-coloured gatling gun, and wears a red eye patch and vest; he may also wear a beret but not always. The Gatling Gun Majini in sunglasses may be invulnerable to flash grenades.

Gatling Gun Majini are the only sub-bosses in the game that don't drop treasures. The three you encounter in story mode all drop Key Cards.

Health value

The Gatling Gun Majini has a broad range in health values, ranging from 8000 to 14,000.[1]


Attack Damage Description
Gatling attack (ガトリング攻撃) 360-480 Damage varies—first shot is usually weak, but damage gradually builds up as the bullets connect, to the point of knocking a player down & dealing massive damage (or leaving them in Dying state.)
Gun striking (銃殴り) 320 The Majini will swing horizontally away with the barrel of his Gatling Gun, causing medium damage.
Grenade throwing (手榴弾投げ) >400 Can do fatal to minimal damage, depending on the range you or your partner are away from the blast. The grenade itself can be shot out in mid-air.

The Gatling Gun Majini also has a unique behaviour, taunting. After knocking a target down a Gatling Gun Majini will fire his gun into the air in celebration, this gives the player a momentary opening.


  • An easy way to avoid his barrage of bullets is to run sideways. You'll be able to dodge most if not all shots.
  • While being careful, run at them and bait them into using their melee attack. It is easy to dodge and leaves them exposed.
  • In 6-3, there are two of them. Reapers (Who come when you open the second and last bulkhead, but if you haven't killed them, they will also be fighting together with the Gatling Majini) and Base Majini attack at the same time they do. The most effective way to dispose of them is to use the mounted turret gun to attack them, or use a Rocket launcher to try and kill them. They drop the Keycard A and Keycard B.
  • In 6-3, if you are quick enough, aim a Rocket Launcher at the ground "between" them and fire before they separate, If done correctly both of them will die instantly.
  • Flanking from the rear is generally ineffective, as their back-mounted ammo container is completely bulletproof. The same occurs when the player carries the gatling gun.
  • There are several occasions where he will not shoot you, but instead fire upwards as if taunting the player, thus leaving him completely exposed. This usually happens when a player has been downed by either his gunfire, or a smack with the gatling gun itself. In co-op, or when the A.I. controlled partner gets downed, this is your moment to strike. Use this as an advantage.
  • While the Gatling Gun Majini are taunting you, if you are playing as Chris, go behind them and use the Haymaker move. Although this will leave you exposed, it will deal heavy damage.
  • His exceptional vitality doesn't allow for many openings as he can take staggering amounts of damage before being killed. Always make use of available cover and use a Sniper Rifle to attack from a relatively safe distance. Always aim for the head to down him and use a high damaging melee move like Chris' Haymaker or Josh' Dynamite Kick
  • In all appearances of this Majini in the main game, Proximity Bombs can be found and used by the player.
  • They are one of the few enemies in the game that you can perform a combo finisher right after being stunned and does not require a partner to do so.
  • If you run away far enough he will apparently lose you and will never find you unless you return to him. He'll stay still instead of continue searching.
  • In Chapter 6-3, it's possible for this Majini to kill the Reapers with his Gatling Gun fire.

Attack prompts

Melee attacks can be used on them when the enter the following animations.

  • Block - They will only do this after being shot in the upper body by a shotgun. They will cross his arms and slide back. During this players can use what is normally their character's melee attack against a Majini stunned in the leg and approaching from the front.
  • Headshot Stun - They will do this when they're hit in the head or upper chest with a powerful weapon such as a Rifle or Magnum. They will grab their heads and swing around for a while. During this players can use what is normally their character's combo finishing melee attack when hitting a Majini from the front.
  • Kneel - They will do this when having taken enough damage to the lower body. They will drop to their knees. During this players can use what is normally their character's combo finishing melee attack when hitting a Majini from behind.
  • Recovering from Melee - They will do this only after being attacked from another melee. During this players can use what is normally their character's combo finishing melee attack when hitting a Majini from behind.


He also appears on the DLC campaign, Desperate Escape, attacking Josh Stone and Jill Valentine. He only comes out however, when played on Veteran or Professional. Although, this is not entirely true, as one might come out of the cargo container and elevator on normal and amateur mode, only if the player is fighting town Majini; if the player is fighting base Majini, a Red Executioner will come out from the elevator instead.

In the Mercenaries Reunion, at the Experimental Facility, after a certain amount of points have been obtained he will appear.

When you're playing Slayer modes, he will sometimes be at the Experimental Facility.


Further notes


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