Gelzer was a prototype character scrapped from the original Resident Evil. Early in the story development, the cast were to be cyborgs. When Kenichi Iwao was brought in to write the script, this futuristic aspect was dropped and Gelzer made redundant in the script,[2] ultimately being removed completely from the game's code by August 1995.


Gelzer was planned to be the S.T.A.R.S. unit's heavy weapons specialist, relating to his gorilla-like physique. He was a hardened war veteran and is said to have lost his right eye in combat, later replacing it with an ocular implant with an infra-red scope.[1]

At one point in the game, Gelzer was to hold up the mansion's ceiling trap to save the protagonist, who would then search for a button to deactivate it.[3][excerpt 1] In the finished game, Barry would instead break the door down to rescue Jill.




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