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The Generator Room is an area of Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A that is featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.



Bio weapon

Bio-weapon Tyrant

Entering the Generator Room, the powerful explosion will block the way back. This is the place, where the final battle with Nemesis takes place. The door leading to the elevator is closed because of the lack of power. She must reconnect the batteries for the power restoring. After Jill reconnects the first battery, Nemesis will appear and consume the remains of T-03, mutating into its final form. When all three batteries scattered around the room will be reconnected with their sockets, the Sword of Paracelsus railgun cannon will reactivate. When Nemesis takes enough damage, he will retreat to the corpse of the T-03

Last shot

Last shot of the cannon.

Tyrant for restoring his forces. This is the place, where he can be killed by the railgun. The first shot of the cannon destroys the interior on its way to the Nemesis. The second shot of the cannon almost kills him and he falls down. After this, the batteries will be disconnected from their sockets and the cannon will cool down. When Jill tries to exit through the opened door, the cutscene with Live Decision will play, after which Jill can finally exterminate the monster or can enter the Elevator room and escape instantly. Whatever choice the player picks has no effect on the ending; however, if they do not make a decision quickly enough Nemesis will spray acid at Jill, poisoning her.

The corpses of various US Spec Ops troops sent to retrieve the G-Virus from William Birkin can be found littered around the room. They were most likely killed by the T-03 after it transformed into a Super Tyrant.


Location Localization Original Script
The door from the generator access (After the explosion) There was an explosion. The door won't move. 外で爆発が起こったようだ ドアが破壊されてしまって動かない
The entrance door after the boss fight This door does not seem to function anymore. もうこのドアは使い物にならないようだ
Checking the tyrant at the left side (From the main door) This is one of Umbrella's deadly bio-weapons. この怪物の死がいはアンブレラの開発した生物兵器だ
Checking the Tyrant's pod A transportation pod. It is marked as "T". 投下された輸送ポッドの残がいだ “T”の文字がマーキングされている
Power distributor unit (No power) A power distribution unit that is not working now. 押し込み式の配電回路ユニットだ 今は機能していないようだ
Checking the socket The circuit's core part. A huge cable connects it. 回路の基部になる部分のようだ 巨大なケーブルでつながれている
Special Forces' corpse with the Rocket Launcher A corpse of a US Special Forces member. 米軍特殊部隊員の死体だ 激しい戦いの中で息絶えたようだ
Checking the door to the elevator Power is going outside. It cannot be unlocked now. 工場内の電力が外部へ供給されている この状態では電子ロックが解除できない
Control panel

A control panel to manage the emergency power.

"Supply all the power to the external devices."

非常電源を管制する操作パネルだ 電力供給プログラムの表示がある


Control panel (cooldown mode) Display of the power supply program.

"Cannot supply power to the external devices."



Power distributor unit "1" A power distribution unit that is marked as "1". 押し込み式の配電回路ユニットだ “1”というナンバーがふられている
Power distributor unit "2" A power distribution unit that is marked as "2". 押し込み式の配電回路ユニットだ “2”というナンバーがふられている
Power distributor unit "3" A power distribution unit that is marked as "3". 押し込み式の配電回路ユニットだ “3”というナンバーがふられている