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The Genesis is a new item introduced in Resident Evil: Revelations. It is a handgun-shaped scanning device developed by Quint Cetcham for the B.S.A.A's field agents use.


Players will need the use of this item in order to find items, enemies, traps. By scanning enemies, you will earn a percentage. After scanning 100%, the Genesis gives the player a herb and then resets to 0%.

The Genesis is by default in most characters' inventory. It must be equipped and is used and aimed in the same fashion as firearms. It has its own icon on the 3DS touch screen so it can be quickly switched to. When in use, the screen is shown as if seen through the Genesis' viewer. Anything scannable will be outlined in green and then changed to white once scanned.

When scanning enemies, the closer a player is to them, the higher percentage they'll earn. If a player keeps scanning the same type of enemies all over, they will get a lower percentages. The some enemies like Draghignazzo can be scanned a number of times. If a player cannot hold anymore herbs, the scanner will stay at 100% until you use one.

The Genesis scanner will also pick up on otherwise invisible handprints which will earn players rewards for locating them.

In Raid Mode, the Genesis is not available and its slot is replaced for the Old Key. The button to equip it is also not used and is instead replaced by commands.

Further Notes[]

  • In the E-Shop Demo Version of Resident Evil: Revelations, it was given the temporary name of "Supply scanner"
  • Rachel and Sea Creepers give the highest percentage on the Genesis.
  • In the crossover series Project X Zone, the Genesis has an extra function of increasing experience earned. In Project X Zone 2, it gains actual combat functionality by capturing and holding foes in place.