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George was a teenage refugee in the 1998 t-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City. George ended up on the streets after a row with his violent father,[2] which either followed or preceded George being shot by police in a foiled robbery.[3]


When the t-Virus contaminated Raccoon City's drinking water, George and a number of other orphans and deprived children were left to fend for themselves. George sheltered with a fifteen-year-old girl, Sally, in Raccoon's East District, but the two were forced to abandon their hideout when a fire engulfed the neighbourhood. Running through the city, they found a basement hideout sheltered by Ken, a girl called Nancy, and a young child named Tom.[4] When a swarm of rats began moving into the basement, the five were forced to flee and George, though irritable, took control of the team and commandeered a car, intent on driving straight out of the city. As he was not qualified to drive, he crashed after losing control at a corner,[5] and the five had to make their way into a house.[2]

The following morning George took Ken, Nancy and Sally out to hunt for supplies such as guns and ammunition. The four began arguing when Sally became jealous of George's decision to hunt with Nancy, leading him to abandon them in favour of searching alone.[6] When everyone returned, they discovered Sally had been stung and infected by a bee, but while the others wanted her rid of George insisted she lie on the sofa to recover.[6] When she lost consciousness, they took her for dead and George took everyone out to the cemetery to bury her personally. During the funeral, Zombies began rising from their graves, and Ken stole a handgun to confront them. During the fighting, Sally rose from her grave, forcing George to spray petrol on her and set her alight.[7]

With the house taken over by Zombies in their absence, the four remaining children ran to the Marble River, where George hoped to escape Raccoon by crossing a bridge, but found it to have been destroyed after a boat collided with it.[7] After Nancy spotted a canoe, Ken turned on the group with his handgun to make his own way out. George fought Ken, but he succeeded in escaping across the river, where he was eaten by a mutant fish. In a desperate attempt to fend off the creature, one of Ken's bullets hit Nancy.[8] With nowhere else to go, George took Nancy and Tom back to the East District, where they sheltered in a Catholic Chapel, where Tom knew there to be medicine. Soon after, Nancy died, and George and Tom rang the chapel's bell to announce her death.[3]


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