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"Not just people or animals, now even plants were a threat. Making our way through the underground world of roots and vegetation. That image will stay with me forever.."

George Hamilton was a doctor who worked at the city's local hospital . He specializes in surgery and has a reputation among his patients as a top-notch surgeon. Although he doesn't lead the charge, he's a mature man with a receptive and cooperative nature who naturally earns the trust of others. His hobby's collecting watches.


Early Life[]

Born in 1959, and details about his early life are unknown.

Peter Jekins[]

Dr. Hamilton attained his doctorate alongside Peter Jenkins, where they studied virology, though the two were not particularly close.[2][3]

Prior to the Outbreak[]

While working as a surgeon at Raccoon General Hospital, Dr. Hamilton was also a member of the charity group, the Raccoon Volunteer Corps. By 1998, Dr. Hamilton and his wife were divorced.

Raccoon City Destruction Incident[]

See also: Raccoon City Destruction Incident

In mid-September 1998, the Raccoon General Hospital experienced an influx of patients suffering a strange disease,[4] later known to be t-Virus infection. Dr. Hamilton may have studied the virus at this point,[2] But when the t-Virus contaminated Raccoon City's drinking water and mutated tens of thousands into Zombies, he was taken aback when Jack's Bar was attacked. Not aware at the time, he had also been infected.

In File #1[]


See also: Outbreak
"Looking back, it was just the beginning of the nightmare. Seeing a city filled with corpses and surrounded by flames, I couldn't help but wonder how long it would last."

DATE: Sept. 23-24

George was one of 10 people inside Jack's Bar when the "Outbreak" started. He quickly realized that it was an "Epidemic" comparing the symptoms to experiments with LSD that had been conducted in the 60s.


See also: Hellfire
"The mere act of surviving is enough to rejoice about. But witnessing so many tragedies left me emotionally devastated. It astounds me how helpless one man really is. My wealth of wisdom and courage is but a small consolation."

DATE: Sept. 23-24

Hell in the form of corridors and rooms, The Apple Inn hotel is also the nest for several demonic-like creatures that seem to have been skinned alive.

The Hive[]

See also: The Hive
"Terror is our constant companion, it lurks in the shadows, ready to strike at any moment. Today it chose me, yet some how I kept it together in that suffocating hospital. I suppose I should be thankful for that."

DATE: Sept. 26-29

George's workplace, is now referred to by him as a "Suffocating Hospital" with his former co-workers wandering the corridors as zombies.

Below Freezing Point[]

See also: Below Freezing Point
"This is a warning to us for peering into the structure of DNA and believing we know everything, and so the world starts to collapse from within."

DATE: Sept. 26-29

The origin of the chaos above, is now below-the-freezing-point. George acknowledges the diabolical experiments conducted by the Umbrella Corporation.

Decisions Decisions[]

See also: Decisions Decisions

DATE: Oct. 1

First day of October, Raccoon City now belongs to the ungodly creations of Umbrella, RPD's parking garage serves as a shelter for survivors, among them George and the same group of people from Jack's Bar.

George notices a note placed by unknown means, but one name there is familiar "Peter Jenkins" his old college classmate and personal friend.

"Peter's letter

"Dear George"

"I have vital information about the current city crisis which only you will understand."

"I'm waiting at the University"

"Please contact me as soon as possible."

"Peter Jenkins""

Once there, he discovers that there is a preventative cure for the disease, A trial drug named "Daylight".

In File #2[]

Wild Things[]

See also: Wild Things
"As a doctor I must always be at a certain level of preparedness for dealing with circumstances. I wouldn't consider myself a patriot but I couldn't just watch people suffer without lending a hand.But alas there are limits to that altruistic side of me."


See also: Underbelly
"Usually I'm the one people can count on to assess a situation with a cool head, but there are times when that skill becomes irrelevant. If I were an optimist I'd be thankful for this chance to be considered useful."


See also: Flashback
"Unable to make our way through the woods, we are forced to head back the way we came. We can only expect the powers that be to grant us so many chances to escape. The end of the world is upon us, and I fear there is... not much time left."

Desperate Times[]

See also: Desperate Times
"The futility of our actions was all I could think about and weighed down on my soul like an anchor." We made the decisions circumstance dictated and left the rest up to fate.But these makings of logic doesn't elevate the guilt, the regret."

End of the Road[]

See also: End of the Road

Personality and description[]

Although George lives in relative luxury due to his highly demanding occupation, he has a naturally active lifestyle, and feels much more relaxed when camping or hiking. It is believed that he sometimes romanticized his profession, which more than likely led to the divorce of his wife. However, judging from the quote, "You're worse than my ex-wife!", it is implied that George's ex-wife did something to cause the divorce.

His special ability is making new medicines from herbs found in the field using his medical kit, which is in his inventory at the start of each scenario.

Often, George is paired up with Cindy Lennox, the blonde waitress in the Outbreak series. This is due to the fact that in one of the possible endings for the first game, George and Cindy are the only "couple" ending to be shown. It could also be noted that the two speak to each other with a kinder disposition when compared to speech with other characters. The main thing they seem to have in common is that they need herbs to put their special abilities to use. In the game, he also has a positive relation value with Kevin Ryman. However, he doesn't have a good relationship with Alyssa Ashcroft, due to her stubbornness and pushiness. He is also a poor match for Yoko Suzuki, as for unknown reasons, he dislikes her. However, if Yoko rescues him from near death or carries him in danger status, he'll start following her.

Appearance & Wardrobe[]

During the Outbreak, George wears a white and yellow plaid shirt with a chocolate brown-colored vest, charcoal-colored dinner jacket, gray suit pants and brown dress shoes.

George has 2 alternate outfits that are unlockable:

  • Type B: Outdoor Expert: This costume suggests George has an interest in nature and volunteers his time (hence "Raccoon Volunteer Corps" on the back of his Jacket) in the outdoors in some way.  
  • Type C: Operation X: This outfit is only usable in File #2. A Surgeon outfit complete with a face cover to protect from bacteria and other pathogens. (Doesn't change his infection rate though. It's just cosmetic.) George would most likely have worn a similar outfit while performing surgeries on patients.


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